Maths games for Key Stage Two (KS2)

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Published: January 18th, 2022

Developing maths skills is a vital part of the KS2 curriculum. Learning how to understand numbers and solve problems develops valuable skills that children will use for the rest of their lives.

Learning is always fun and there’s no better way to develop mathematical skills than by playing educational games. Interactive maths games are perfect for interactive displays and help teach the core curriculum in a fun way. Some of the key topics covered in KS2 maths include place value, adding and subtracting, percentages, multiplication and measurement. 

If you’re looking for some fun teaching ideas to improve your lesson plans, read our ultimate list of maths games for KS2 and help students develop their maths skills. 

14 fun maths games for KS2

Below are some of our favourite KS2 maths games to help students develop their skills and knowledge. Each game fits under a section of the KS2 curriculum, providing you with plenty of choices.

Number and place value: Parachute Number Line

As a child enters Key Stage 2, they will learn about the value of numbers, decimal and negative numbers. Parachute Number Line is a great game to use during lessons on numbers and place value. The game asks students to land the parachute on the correct number on the line, teaching them how to understand the importance of numbers. To test their knowledge, you can set the game up on a varying scale of numbers, including negative numbers.

Addition: Stone Age Stu

Addition is a skill that students will use in everyday life as they grow. During KS2, they’ll learn how to do column addition and start to work out how to add numbers in their heads. Stone Age Stu is a fun way of showing pupils how addition works and allows them to develop skills in a fun way. The game can be played on tablets, mobile phone devices and desktops. 

Subtraction: Mini Maths Golf

Another essential calculation to learn is subtraction, using both column subtraction and subtracting in their heads. Mini Maths Golf is an interactive way to test your students’ knowledge and develop their ability to subtract in their heads. There are many options to select from, and you can tailor the questions to each year group. The game can also be played as one player with the whole class on an interactive display or with two players. 

Multiplication: Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica 

Get your class fully engaged with this fun maths game by helping the Guardians defend the Kingdom of Mathematica. Your quest involves a series of maths-related problems aimed at helping you defeat the golden dragon and learn division and multiplication skills. Play a new set of challenge questions each week and gain achievements for fighting battles, defeating enemies and unlocking armour.

Division: Monty’s Maths Wall

Encourage your students to practise their division knowledge by destroying Monty’s maths wall. By answering questions with the correct answers, your students will be able to guide the bricks into the right place and break down the wall. 

This game can be played on desktops, tablets or you can play it on an interactive display, such as the ActivPanel, and ask your students to answer the questions together to win the levels. As well as learning division, you could use this game to help your class with multiplication, addition, subtraction, reading numbers, fractions, Roman numerals and converting fractions to decimals and percentages. 

Problem-solving: Math Baseball

Math baseball is a great game used to help children learn various maths skills, from converting fractions to prime numbers, decimals and percentages to times tables. 

To start: put together a list of math problems and questions for your class and divide the classroom into two teams. Draw a big baseball diamond on the board and choose which team is to be first up. Have the group “up to bat” first line up and get ready to answer problems. The pitching team begins by “pitching” a math problem to the “batting” team; you can let the children choose whether they take turns pitching the problems, or one child is designated each inning as the “pitcher” of problems. 

The first child “up to bat” tries to answer the problem, and if the child is correct, it’s a base hit, and you mark the baseball diamond. If the child misses the problem, it’s an “out”. When the batting team gets three outs, the teams switch places. Play until the designated score is reached.

Rounding and estimating: KS2 Maths Invaders

Make rounding numbers as fun as possible with the KS2 Maths Invaders game. Students need to answer the questions correctly by shooting the spaceship with the correct answer while avoiding any incoming fire. There are rounding levels for various year groups, and you can select different difficulty levels from very easy to very hard. 

Teachers can pick other areas within the curriculum to answer using this fun maths game, such as multiplication, fractions, division and subtraction. 

Algebra: Balancing Calculations

Engage children as they learn about algebra by encouraging them to find the missing number to balance these calculations. The Balancing Calculations game will develop your students’ problem-solving skills in a fun and constructive way. They need to balance the scales by finding the missing number for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication calculations. It’s perfect to use on an interactive display, and you can ask each pupil to select the correct answer or work as a class. 

Fractions: Maths of the Day: Football Fractions

This simple maths game will help your KS2 students begin to understand fractions with the help of Gary Lineker from ‘Match of the Day’ and Ben Shires from CBBC ‘Kickabout’. Using paper and pencil or an interactive whiteboard, write down the answers to the questions you see on screen and see if you can answer them in 30 seconds or less.

Percentages: Birds v Robots – Math Battle

Help the birds defend their eggs from the evil robots with one of the best fast-paced, interactive maths games. Answer maths questions about fractions, decimals and percentages to help the birds defend their young ones.

Ratios: Maths of the Day: Roaring Ratios 

This quiz from Gary Linekar and Ben Shires will put your students’ mathematical skills to the test with some questions about ratios. Use your interactive display to encourage pupils to get involved with the Roaring Ratios quiz and ask them to write down their answers to each question.  

Measurement: Teaching Clock 

We measure using many different approaches, including distance, length, area, volume, weight, money and time. The Teaching Clock is an excellent resource for showing students how to measure time on an analogue clock and a digital clock. It’s ideal for using on an interactive display as you can show students everything from measuring a half-hour to a quarter-hour. 

Shapes and movement: Sorting 2D Shapes on a Venn diagram

Work as a class to sort these shapes into categories on a Venn diagram. This game is an excellent option for an interactive display and gives your students a chance to sort triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and other shapes. They can drag and drop the shapes into the correct category and work together to find the right answer.

Statistics and handling data: Bar Charts

Learning how to display and handle data is another part of the KS2 maths curriculum, and learning how to work with statistics in a fun way can make learning much more accessible. This game shows children a bar chart of statistics and asks them to answer questions about that data. You can play this on any device, including tablets and interactive displays. 

Maths Games for KS2 FAQ’s

What free maths games for KS2 are available?

There are several free resources and games to access online for KS2 maths lessons. All of the games listed above are free to access, and there are more to find as well. You could even use board games, shapes and counters to help with learning.

Are there interactive maths games available for the KS2 Curriculum?

Yes, many interactive maths games are available that sit alongside the KS2 curriculum. It’s easier than ever to help your students practice their maths skills and develop their knowledge alongside the KS2 curriculum. Our list of maths games for KS2 pupils follows the curriculum and gives different options based on your students’ learning.

How can I use these fun maths games for KS2?

There are lots of different ways you can use these maths games. You could include them as part of the lesson plans each term or use them to practice their knowledge as you reach the end of each topic. A perfect way to incorporate fun maths games is using them on your ActivInspire interactive teaching software on your Promethean interactive display. 

A considerable advantage of interactive maths games like these is that there’s no printing and you can involve the whole class easily. 

Need more games for KS2?

There are many other classroom games and activities for KS2 to try for children in this age group. Why not discover games for History, Science, English or Geography?

Maths games on interactive displays

All of the games listed above can be played seamlessly on an ActivPanel interactive display. The online games can be downloaded and played from the display and also mirrored onto student devices for ultimate engagement.

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