Classroom games for KS2 students

classroom games for KS2 students

Published: September 9th, 2021

Key Stage Two (KS2) is one of the most important developmental stages of a child’s life. This is where they learn essential life skills such as communication, personal development and begin to understand their preferred way of learning. 

Here students may find that they prefer educational games as their learning method as they are more creative and allow for collaboration to aid in their comprehension of the topic. As children make their way through the national curriculum, they will have many different subjects and information to learn and absorb. Interactive classroom games could be the perfect way to help your children grow and take in all this information at their own pace.

Below we have created a comprehensive guide on classroom games for Key Stage Two students for various subjects core to the national curriculum. These games can be used with an interactive display and paired with Promethean’s ActivInspire lesson delivery software to achieve a complete learning experience. Some subjects will also provide you with more resources elsewhere on our blog. 

Maths games

Maths isn’t always the most accessible subject to teach, especially when complex formulas, fractions and percentages are involved. Help your students learn critical mathematical skills in multiplication, fractions, arithmetic, prime numbers, percentages and decimals with various fun maths games. 

Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica – BBC Bitesize

Get your class fully engaged with this fun maths game by helping the Guardians defend the Kingdom of Mathematica. Your quest involves a series of maths-related problems aimed at helping you defeat the golden dragon and learn division and multiplication skills. Play a new set of challenge questions each week and gain achievements for fighting battles, defeating enemies and unlocking armour.

Hit the Button

Help your students improve their mental arithmetic skills with Hit The Button, the quick-fire interactive maths game. The game will test the children on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. This fun maths game helps students to sharpen their recall of vital number facts in a fun way while also testing their mental arithmetic skills.

Are you looking for games to improve a range of mathematical skills in your students? We have 14 other maths games for Key Stage Two we are sure you will love!

English games

Allowing children to experiment with words and language to improve their reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and phonics skills is a fun, interactive way to foster their development.

Spooky Spellings

Practise spelling common exception words (‘tricky words’) listed from the UK National Curriculum. Choose a year group, then choose a bird box to select your word list. Arrange the letters in the correct order to spell each word, and the bats will take the letters away when the children get it right.

Creepy verbs and adverbs in Super Stories

This great game sees students transform a boring horror story into an international bestseller. Select the most effective verbs and adverbs to increase the story’s impact and add illustrations to bring their horror stories to life.

Get the whole class involved in our complete list of Key Stage Two English games to help their understanding of the foundations of the English language.

Science games

Make the world come to life with interactive games and activities that provide your students with exciting ways to learn about how the world works.

Junkateers – BBC Bitesize

Get your students involved in this fun, interactive game where they join Jack, Sam and Jo on their mission to tidy up the planet. Team up and work scientifically to sort through a scrap pile to get them ready for recycling and taken away on Suzie’s truck. The children will need to make predictions, choose suitable experiments, record their findings and brush up on their materials knowledge.

Total Darkness – Science Museum

Explore the neighbourhood and look for clues to work out why all the lights have gone out. Solve the mystery of the darkness before the time runs out, learning about how light and dark work together.

Discover our full range of resources for KS2 science games that can easily integrate into any science lesson. 

Modern Foreign Language (MFL) games

Make learning modern foreign languages fun with various interactive games and online resources, which will also help you build confidence in your students by trying something new.

Join the adorable monster Dash and his trusty translator bot Blink as you help them fix their language banks, flee the MFL offices and travel through space and time on their interdimensional lift. Select a topic and answer a series of questions, testing the children’s knowledge of French nouns, verbs and phrases. The more questions the children respond to, the more information is uploaded into Blink’s language banks, in turn restoring her abilities as a language bot!

Spanish language games

No matter the Spanish subject you are teaching your children, this comprehensive guide of Spanish language games will have something for you. From fruit and veg to numbers, colours to infinitive verbs, you will find exciting interactive games and teaching ideas to help children learn Spanish.

History games

Take your children back in time with these creative history games for Key Stage Two. Go on quests with the ancient Greeks or play hangman with aliens in Roman Britain to break up a quarter-hour in your history lesson.

Ancient Greeks: The Argo Odyssey – BBC Bitesize

This fun interactive game will take you on quests through the sights of Ancient Greece. Discover family life, gods and goddesses, war and battles, culture and Mount Olympus! Join Cassandra and Helenus on an exciting adventure to find their beloved dog Argo and teach your students all about the Ancient Greeks.

Roman Alien Hangman

An alien visits Roman Britain but gets captured! As well as testing their history knowledge, this fun educational game also tests the student’s vocabulary and spelling skills. See if your students can save the alien from the Romans!

Geography games

Teach your students about the world around them with these creative resources for Key Stage Two geography. Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you can’t visit other countries, use your computer and interactive whiteboard and take your children around the world!

Where is Carmen Sandiego? – Google Earth

Google Earth has created a collection of fun interactive games that puts your location knowledge to the test. This incredible series of games takes you worldwide; solve the clues, and track down the burglars!

Map your ‘place’

Get your students to draw out a map of their ‘local’ place. This helps students learn about maps, scales, their local area and more. This is one of many activities put together by the Geographical Association.

Computing games

We all know the importance of computers in modern society, as we all use a computer every day. Create a fun computing lesson with these online games that get children thinking about the more complex side of computing and improve key skills.

Dance Mat Typing – BBC Bitesize 

Teach your students how to touch type with four different levels of play. Start with keys on the home row and build up to more complex keystrokes through each lesson. Touch typing is the fastest way to type and is essential for all students to learn.

Kodu Game Lab – 3D game programming for kids

Kodu Game Lab is a 3D game development environment designed to teach students basic programming principles. Kodu allows your student to build the world’s terrain, create characters and props, and then program their behaviours and game rules in a bespoke visual programming language.

Use games to improve your KS2 outcomes with Promethean

Here at Promethean, we have created the ActivPanel, a world-leading interactive teaching display designed with the classroom in mind. Setting the standard on educational software, we help you get the most out of your smart technology.

Are you interested in learning more? Visit the virtual demo page to request a live demo of the Promethean interactive displays.

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