Science games for Key Stage Two (KS2)

two KS2 students play a science game in the classroom

Published: January 18th, 2022

Science makes up an exciting part of Key Stage Two. Not only is this a time of discovery for very young children, but early science lessons are full of fun and immersive activities, perfect for an interactive display.

KS2 Science is designed to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the core scientific subjects; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Teachers will be tasked with laying the foundations for processes and methods that will be used by their students in later life. Core subjects within science at KS2 include the living world, human body, materials and forces.

Each of these subjects has a whole world of classroom games for you to really make KS2 science fun for your students. We’ve created the ultimate list of science games for KS2 to help you put together the best lesson plan possible.

8 KS2 science games and activities for kids

Here are some of our favourite science games for KS2 to promote knowledge, science skills and help kids reach their full potential. There’s one for every subject in the KS2 science curriculum!

The living world: Shark Quiz – National Geographic Kids

In Key Stage 2 your students will start learning about the world around them. They’ll discover how the natural world works, from plants to different animals and life cycles. This quiz is the perfect way to see what your kids have learnt about the natural world, and sharks in particular, while you’ve been teaching them about animals and the world’s oceans.

The human body: Build a Skeleton

The human body is central to biology and is one of the most fascinating things your students will ever learn about. In KS2 they’ll start learning about skeletons, muscles, the digestive system, circulatory system and their overall health. This game lets your students put together a full human skeleton against the clock! You can let them do it independently, on their own machines or bring them to the front of the class to do it on your interactive display.

Materials: Junkateers – BBC Bitesize

In materials your students will get to know gases, liquids, rocks, soils, fossils and all the material properties that make up the world around us. Get your students involved in this fun, interactive game where they join Jack, Sam and Jo on their mission to tidy up the planet. Team up and work scientifically to sort through a scrap pile to get them ready for recycling and taken away on Suzie’s truck. The children will need to make predictions, choose the right experiments, record their findings and brush up on their materials knowledge.

Forces and motion: Tug of War

Your students will discover the mysterious forces that affect the world around us, from gravity to magnets, pushes and pulls. A very simple game, tug of war engages kids’ muscles and their competitive spirit while also teaching them science. All you’ll need for this is a strong but soft rope to reduce the risk of rope burn, a piece of tape and a little bit of scientific knowledge. Teach your children about friction and tension in this fun practical activity.

Light and sound:  Total Darkness – Science Museum

Two of the world’s most important forces, light and sound have a subject all of their own. Each affects the world around your students in all sorts of ways. This fun science game from the Science Museum lets you explore the neighbourhood and look for clues to work out why all the lights have gone out. Solve the mystery of the darkness before the time runs out, learning about how the light and darkness work together.

Electricity: Launchball – Science Museum

Electricity is fundamental in the modern world. In KS2 your students will be learning the basics of how electricity works and the Science Musuem’s ‘Launchball’ is the perfect way to test their electrical science knowledge. Get this game up on your interactive whiteboard and challenge your students to get the ball rolling across the levels, using electricity, wind and other energy to do so.

Earth and space: Stargazing Live – BBC

It’s KS2 where the solar system and the wider universe really starts opening up for your children. They’ll learn about everything from the Earth’s core to the stars in the sky, plus, the sun and moon. With that in mind, there’s no better time to get your students stargazing. Why not organise a Stargazing Live event with this starter pack, that includes information on the stars and a number of activities?

Working scientifically: Scientific Equipment – BBC Bitesize

A core element of KS2 science is preparing your students for future experimentation and methodology. This means you’ll nurture their problem solving and help them put together a method for an experiment. While they’ll be learning about all sorts of different processes, they’ll also be discovering new equipment. This BBC Bitesize interactive lets you see just how well they’ve learnt them and lets them match up the piece of equipment with its corresponding task.

Need more games for KS2?

There are so many more classroom games and activities for KS2 available for children in this age group. Why not discover games for History, Maths, English or Geography?

Science games on interactive displays

All of the games listed above can be played seamlessly on a Promethean interactive display. The online games can be downloaded and played from the display and also mirrored onto student devices for ultimate engagement.

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