university students in a classroom

How To Engage University Students: 5 Top Tips

As education advances, the range of student distractions increases. Both technology and general anxieties about university life can cause students to lose focus and disengage. And, when we’re honest with […]

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Maintaining high standards with the ActivPanel at St John Bosco Senior Boys School

Quality lesson delivery has always been a top priority at St John Bosco Senior Boys School in Dublin. To build on this commitment, the school recently enhanced its classroom hardware […]

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university classroom

How to Use Interactive Whiteboards in Higher Education

With the emergence of new technologies to enhance the teaching process, there is a huge push for professional development among educators. This means it’s time to throw your old teaching […]

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Enhancing education experiences with the ActivPanel

Situated in Hampstead, St Christopher’s School is an independent school for girls age 4 to 11, whose ethos champions creativity and curiosity. The school previously had interactive whiteboards, but they […]

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engaging students in the classroom without wholly relying on technology

How to Engage Students Without Relying Solely on Technology

Technology has become an integral part of education in today’s digital age. It definitely has incredible benefits to offer in classrooms, but an overreliance on technology can lead to disengaged […]

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how to improve engagement in the classroom for students who are unengaged

10 Reasons for a Lack of Student Engagement in the Classroom

Student engagement is a crucial factor for a student’s educational success. When students are disengaged in the classroom, they may struggle to focus. This will affect their ability to make […]

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student working on an online course

How to Improve Student Engagement in Online Learning Courses: 13 Strategies for Success

Student engagement can be a big challenge for educators. This challenge is amplified when it comes to engaging online students. For creators and administrators of online courses, it can be […]

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students engaging in the classroom through technology

How Do You Keep Students Engaged at the Beginning and End of a Lesson?

Keeping students engaged during a lesson can be challenging, and success is often reliant on how well you engage them at the start. Well-engaged students often achieve higher grades and […]

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students engaging with technology in the classroom

How to Engage Students With Technology: 8 Tips and Tricks

Using technology in the classroom has become more and more popular over the last few decades, creating further potential for students to develop and grow. As technology continues to advance, […]

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educating generation z and generation alpha

Educating and Engaging the Next Generation of Students: Gen Z, Gen Alpha and Beyond

Although the world and our communities have changed dramatically in the past few decades, schools, classrooms, and teaching methods have remained quite static. Apart from the addition of the occasional […]

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disengaged student in the classroom

How to Engage Disengaged Students: 10 Top Tips

Poor attendance, disruptive behaviour and disengaged learning can all be prevented or solved with early identification and positive interaction between the student and their teachers.  By encouraging learning and building […]

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visual arts in primary school

How To Teach Visual Arts In Primary School

We use art to make sense of the world, express ourselves freely and understand one another. Because of this, visual arts education should be an integral part of any primary […]

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students engaged in the classroom learning environment

11 Optimal Learning Environments to Promote Student Engagement

Year-on-year, there is a significant decline in student engagement globally. There are several factors that have contributed to this decline. But, regardless of the root behind this academic phenomenon, it […]

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visual arts in high school

What Are Visual Arts in High School and How is Best to Teach Them?

A visual arts program is essential to any high school curriculum. It teaches students practical skills they can apply in various workplaces and engages them with life skills such as […]

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The evolution of edtech

Embracing the evolution of edtech: St George’s C of E Foundation School and the ActivPanel

When the World Wide Web was born in 1994, nobody knew it would be such a huge catalyst for technological change. And when Dave Morgan started his teaching career at […]

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visual arts in early childhood classrooms

How to Encourage Visual Arts in Early Childhood Education

Young children learn through the use of their senses, with sight being one of the most important in the early years. For an infant, visual art is a vital part […]

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learning with the flipped classroom

14 Ways Of Enhancing Student Engagement Using The Flipped Classroom

Have you heard about the flipped classroom? Are you a teacher trying to change things up in the classroom to improve student engagement? The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model […]

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classroom students working on an art project with the teacher

What is the Importance of Visual Arts In Education?

Vital to the physical, mental and emotional growth of our youth, the importance of visual arts in education is unfortunately overlooked by those in power. To learn more about the […]

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visual art in the classroom

What is Visual Arts and 12 Examples?

When discussing visual art, many people will think of renowned fine artists rather than conceptual art. However, the term refers to a large variety of art forms, which are discussed […]

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Edtech upskilling for all levels of staff confidence

Edtech upskilling for all levels of staff confidence

For educators, edtech upskilling – keeping up with new technologies and upgrades to what they already use in the classroom – is a constant priority. It’s both important for the […]

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what is student engagement

What is student engagement?

Student engagement is a commonly discussed concept that all educators agree is vital. It’s a large part of why tools such as the ActivPanel interactive display and teaching software play […]

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12 student engagement strategies for every classroom

12 Student Engagement Strategies

Generating genuine student engagement is the most difficult part of the job for any teacher. It’s also an absolutely vital part of student success. No matter how naturally interesting the […]

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La réalité virtuelle intègre désormais les salles de classe.

Social-emotional learning in a digital world

Educators find themselves in what might seem like a paradox. The digital world is expanding, with edtech continuing to be a vital aspect of teaching and learning. But the top […]

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visual learner student working on school work on a tablet device

Promethean explains: Learning fatigue

Learning fatigue and student engagement came to the forefront during remote learning, when students were thrown into a learning experience outside their usual classroom environment. Ensuring students are stimulated and […]

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