11 reasons your school needs the new ActivPanel

Published: June 8th, 2016

First previewed as a next-generation model at Bett 2016; the new ActivPanel interactive display range is now available to order and addresses many of the challenges facing teachers in the classroom today.

Alistair Hayward, Head of UKI and ANZ at Promethean explains: “With this latest ActivPanel range, we’ve gone way beyond looking at how we can enhance the hardware specification of the system. Instead, we’ve moved into the realms of how we can deliver a front-of-class display solution which integrates fully with daily teaching life and available technologies.

“The result is that the ActivPanel is no longer ‘just’ an AV peripheral – it is an intelligent piece of edtech kit that powers the classroom and acts as a hub for convergence.”

Here we outline the main 11 reasons (there are many more, but we can tell you about those when you meet our Education Consultants) why this fantastic piece of kit is essential for your school:

  1. It supports BYOD and other future or past tech investments. Each ActivPanel includes an external operating device to access apps and connect to other devices wirelessly
  2. It’s strong! Patented toughened, pupil-proof glass
  3. It facilitates collaboration, with up to 10 simultaneous touchpoints
  4. It is high quality. Unrivaled picture quality and features
  5. It is visible. Keep the blinds open thanks to ActivPanel’s low glare surface
  6. It engages the whole class. Extra-large screens with extra-wide viewing angles
  7. It brings learning to life, with instant white boarding and freeze/annotate video content
  8. It seamlessly shares content by mirroring with any smart device or laptop – perfect for teachers
  9. It connects everything. ActivPanel acts as a hotspot for up to 5 devices
  10. It’s a futureproof investment – an upgradeable Android device removes the need for new screens when updating tech
  11. It comes with the support of Promethean – industry-leading customer support, award-winning ActivInspire software and dedicated Education Consultants plus much, much more!

Here at Promethean, we have so much confidence in our ActivPanel that we will happily demonstrate in your school. To book your free demonstration, visit our virtual demo page.