Experience the Elements Demonstration Programme

ActivPanel is the trusted technology to complement educational experiences and student success.

The ActivPanel works independently or as a central hub in the classroom, streamlining all your devices and connecting your lessons. 

This new ‘Experience the Elements Demonstration Programme’ provides three types of demo session:

  • Virtual – live-streamed ActivPanel demonstration, hosted via video conference.
  • Remote – virtual demonstration followed by a two-week ActivPanel loan.
  • On-site – full on-site demonstration, following the latest government-recommend safety protocols, followed by a two-week ActivPanel loan.

All Promethean ActivPanel demonstrations are carried out under strict health and safety procedure – more information can be found here.

Request a free ActivPanel demo

In response to the challenges facing schools, Promethean has launched an expanded ActivPanel demonstration programme which gives schools flexibility and choice over how they can safely access a demonstration.

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What makes ActivPanel the best front of class display?

Android technology.

Long-lasting display with upgradable Android mini PC means there’s no need to replace in future.

Deliver dynamic

Budget sensitive whilst delivering cutting-edge functionality to raise your school’s profile.

Connect to a vast world of educational apps.

Connect your teachers to Google’s 3 million+ apps directly from the home screen.

Experience a new standard of display designed for touch.

Facilitate pupil-led learning and the highest quality on-screen writing experience available.

I’ve always been more of an advocate of using the Bunsen burner and practical experiments than display technology in the classroom; but since getting to grips with the ActivPanel I can really see where the potential is to add teaching value.

Anthony Smith

Vice Principal, Walton High