What is ed tech? A complete guide.

the ultimate guide to edtech

Published: November 22nd, 2021

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; there have been many technological advances in the recent decades that have made processes more efficient and streamlined. Educational institutions at every level, from nursery through to higher education and beyond, are making use of these advances to improve classroom activities, teachers abilities to grade assignments, students’ learning experiences and the educational experience as a whole.

This article will outline EdTech’s impact on the education sector, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of tech tools, teaching software, and e-learning.

What is meant by ed tech?

Educational technology (or ed tech for short) is the use of technology in education to help teach lessons in the physical classroom and virtual one, provide students with engaging homework exercises and streamline the learning process.

This technology allows teachers to create bespoke learning plans for their classes or individual students, depending on their competence. It also uses extensive data analysis to understand the most effective ways for learners to progress in the most effective method.

What are examples of educational technology?

Ed tech encompasses a range of educational types of software and technological tools that can influence the educational process at every level. Inside the classroom, education technology can be seen in the use of digital note-taking devices, online student response systems and interactive displays, such as the ActivPanel interactive display. Ed Tech can extend to online teaching software such as ClassFlow, allowing students to engage with cloud-based hybrid learning outside the classroom.

No matter where the learning occurs, one of the significant shifts in children’s education is the gamification of many subjects. There are many online educational games out there that take advantage of the increase of educational technology in the classroom, using interactive whiteboards and displays to get the whole class involved in learning.

Why is ed tech important?

Each student has their preferred learning process, which allows them to achieve the best of their ability. Ed tech is important because it can enable teachers to create personalised learning plans and experiences for each student, no matter their age or learning ability. The way we learn, interact with classmates and teachers, and our overall enthusiasm for the same subjects is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Education technology takes into account these personalised differences so each student can shine at their own pace.

Benefits of ed tech for students and teachers

Both students and teachers can reap the benefits of EdTech in the modern classroom. Below we have outlined some benefits that each can expect.


  • Personalised learning experiences: Education technology allows students to have personalised learning plans that play to their strengths and help them build on their weaknesses and goals. Video content and pre-recorded lessons help students learn the subjects at their own pace, allowing them to pause and rewind important parts of the class to help aid in understanding.
  • 24/7 access to potential learning: With so much online learning available to students now, from dedicated online schools such as Coursera to simple YouTube tutorial videos, they can pick up and learn a new facet of a topic in a matter of minutes. Remote learning is made more accessible with ed tech software, tools and apps, all designed to make education better for the students.
  • Collaboration: Cloud-based learning and technology allow students to work together to solve maths problems or work on a history project together. Collaboration tools can be used anywhere inside or outside the traditional classroom to provide students with a truly engaging learning experience.


  • Virtual classrooms: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers had to turn to digital technology to teach their courses online to their students as no in-person teaching could take place. Ed tech made all this possible with emerging technology passed from the business sector to the education sector. Students all over the world now attend online classes to receive their daily learning and homework assignments.
  • Classroom management tools: With all classes taken online, teachers needed more ways of monitoring what was going on in their class and keeping students engaged at a distance. Educational technology has the potential to make everything that happens in a classroom a little easier. From the way teachers communicate with their students to how students behave and engage in the lesson content, ed tech gives teachers a helping hand with dedicated tools and apps.
  • Greener classrooms: Moving your entire classroom and learning processes online helps teachers to create paperless classrooms that provide more safeguarding for students’ homework files, encourage students to think before they print anything and overall create greener policies at the school.

Challenges of ed tech in education

As with all industries, education technology does come with a range of challenges. The most common challenges include poor wifi connectivity, audio or visual problems, slow internet speeds or incompatible apps and ed tech tools.

There is also an argument that education technology doesn’t help with student learning and engagement. If the technology is too complex to install or navigate, students may be put off engaging with the lesson activities or assignments given to them through distance learning. With all teaching occurring online, students aren’t building their social skills in the same way they would typically in the classroom, where they would interact with peers and teachers, learning to collaborate and work together to find solutions.

Support your students with ed tech today

Thanks to the pandemic, online education is being used for everyone, from young children to adult learners at every education level. Online courses and educational apps pop up each day to help students progress through their studies to the best of their learning abilities.

Remember, education technology is also used successfully in classrooms and online to improve student engagement compared to traditional educational methods. If you’re interested in learning more about the Promethean ActivPanel interactive display and how it can transform your classroom into an EdTech hub, speak with one of our experts and book your free demo today!