Promethean launches 6th annual Education Technology Survey

Published: April 28th, 2021

Through 2020 and into 2021, education technology has played an integral role in supporting students, educators, and schools in the widespread adaptation to remote and hybrid learning. Against turbulent academic settings in an unpredictable climate, technology withstood changes in education and proved to be not only dependable in any environment but vital to maximizing successful learning experiences. Districts leveraged and ultimately invested in technology for a long-term shift in redefining what the academic experience is. As technology continues to establish its value of supporting teachers and empowering students, Promethean is eager to arm educational leaders with the latest insights and trends that will shape the future of technology and education.

Last year’s State of Technology in Education reports revealed trending topics on both successes achieved and hardships faced with edtech, including:

  • Teacher wellbeing was a top issue, only to be accelerated during remote and hybrid learning models.
  • Investment in technology training for teachers was thought to be critical to success.
  • The majority of teachers and administrators felt that technology use would be routinely combined with traditional resources and teaching methods.
  • Teachers and administrators stated that they were “constantly striving to innovate by using technology as a tool for education.”
  • Remote learning would see the biggest growth in education over the next three years.

For its sixth annual State of Technology in Education report, Promethean invites teachers and school leaders to discuss their experiences of adapting and growing in the past year. Stay tuned for findings of Promethean’s largest education technology report to date and explore data informing how the evolving role of technology will determine what to expect for this new chapter of teaching and learning.

Promethean welcomes you and your colleagues to join thousands of educators from the UKI in sharing the impact of edtech on your teaching or administrative experience.

Take the survey and let us know your thoughts:

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