Promethean invites educators to participate in 5th annual education survey

Published: May 21st, 2020

2020 represents the 5th consecutive year that Promethean has collected valuable insights and candid opinions from educators across the UK and Ireland, to inform the well-respected annual State of Technology in Education report.

While this has been an incredibly unusual year for many, gathering insights and tracking trends is still as critical, perhaps even more so. Technology may not have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but it has been instrumental in mobilising teachers and pupils, and keeping children connected to their peers, and their education.

The State of Technology in Education report, pioneered by Promethean, has been plotting real trends in the education sector. Surveying over 2,000 teachers, school leaders and ICT managers in the UK and Ireland last year, the report provides a useful insight into the challenges and successes educators are experiencing. The survey is back for 2020, and Promethean is inviting educators to participate once again.

Have budgets changed, one year on?

Last year, budgetary restrictions were identified as the biggest threat to student education. It was also discovered that 53 percent of school leaders expected to struggle to meet their objectives due to budget constraints. 

At the same time, technology rose to fourth place in budget priorities – 16 percent of school leaders said they will spend most of their budget on technology in the coming year (compared to 4 percent the year before). 

Do you believe school budgets are improving? Or is the situation the same or worse than before? Educators now have a chance to give their opinions.

Will more tech training be available?

Educators were worried that technology training had gone by the wayside last year. Yet, against a backdrop of stressful workloads and exam pressures, the need for edtech training is perhaps even more critical. But carving out time for what is often perceived as a non-essential means training took a back seat. Has that changed in the current climate?

Now, we’re inviting educators to tell us what’s changed in their schools since last year. Under such unprecedented circumstances, what tech trends will we see rolled out in future? Tell us your thoughts. 

When it comes to education in general, do you think government policies, changing technologies or remote learning environments will have the biggest impact? From a technological perspective, will more schools give staff the tools and autonomy to decide when and where they do their work? 

Promethean would love input from you and your colleagues about your school’s strategic decision-making and the evolving role of tech. Let us know your thoughts.