Barshare Primary – Promethean Grant Case Study 2017

Published: May 2nd, 2018

Barshare Primary School is in Cumnock, Scotland and has around 207 pupils between the ages of 3 and 12. St Barshare Primary entered the Promethean Grant last year and won an ActivPanel interactive display!

Many of their classrooms already had interactive whiteboards which but they were all becoming outdated and the IT suite didn’t have one at all. Barshare Primary needed an interactive display that would act as a central hub in the IT suite but could also be used across the wider curriculum, which is why they entered the 2017 Promethean Grant.

Since winning an ActivPanel via the Promethean Grant, lessons in the IT suite and across the school have improved considerably, they are so much more interactive and engaging. Learners enjoy being able to work on the ActivPanel together and are confident using the various features.

Read the full case study here which includes Barshare Primary’s three top tips for winning the Promethean Grant!

The 2018 Promethean Grant is now LIVE. We will be giving away 30 ActivPanels for free to the 30 schools we think show the most innovation and creativity, along with their need for new edtech and the overall impact it will have. Apply for the Promethean Grant here.