Using ClassFlow to build a better science classroom

Published: November 18th, 2016


Initiatives are underway to inspire more interest in STEM subjects, and promote the benefits of working in scientific fields; with the government, educators, and employers all playing their part. Helping to support teachers as they seek to encourage greater uptake and engagement of scientific subjects, ClassFlow is the free, one-stop-shop for all your educational technology needs.

The Challenge

A lack of expertise in science and technology is one of the biggest threats facing UK business today. What’s more, in 2015, only 14.4% of the UK’s STEM workforce was female, with girls, in particular, still failing to take up STEM subjects at school.

Technology is often put forward as the answer to this crisis. But, while technology is being used as a lesson based tool in science classes, its potential as a means to support the delivery of a modern learning experience has yet to be fully realised (The State of Technology in Education, 2016). So just what can you do to help to win hearts and minds in the science classroom?

The Solution

Supporting educational improvement, without any financial commitment, ClassFlow’s simple learning platform can help science teachers to better engage pupils; while helping to avert a looming skills gap.

With ClassFlow you can:

  • Deliver interactive, collaborative lessons with the dynamic flow of information between teacher and student devices (e.g.ActivPanel, tablets, notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks, etc.)
  • Boost student engagement with increased levels of interaction
  • Construct virtual experiments which can’t be physically completed in class
  • Create graphs and plot data with ClassFlow’s Desmos Calculator
  • Access quality teacher-authored resources; saving you time while providing up-to-date scientific lesson plans and other content
  • Facilitate inquiry-based learning in the science classroom
  • Integrate digital content such as videos into lessons, quickly and easily
  • Customise content, tasks, and lessons depending on the ability of each pupil/groups of pupils
  • Create interactive polls, quizzes, and team-based activities
  • Facilitate collaborative learning and create jigsaw groups
  • Share learning in real-time with the whole classroom, increasing class discussion and participation
  • Introduced flipped learning.

Please click here to read the full News Article and see how Classflow can help science teachers to better engage pupils.