The power of three

Published: June 27th, 2016

According to the results of a recent education survey, a successful modern classroom works through an equal split of three elements – space, technology and pedagogy…

Asking over 1300 UK teachers and education staff about their opinions towards the use of technology in education, the “State of Technology in Education” has found that:

Over 60% agree that technology is best used when it can be appropriately adapted to the learning situation.

In the #edtech era that we now live, teach and learn in; the reality is that classrooms are no longer based on purely instructional lessons – they are becoming increasingly collaborative learning spaces which embrace teaching technologies. In fact, over 65% of the survey respondents felt that technology is a great way to engage students.

And the good news is that help is at hand to support schools in making the most of technology by developing these Modern Classroom environments. Our free eBook “Modern Classroom – Strategic insights for school leaders” is an excellent place to get started.