Teaching with tech… It’s Not Rocket Science!

Published: February 12th, 2016

Or at least it wasn’t for stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan when he returned to life as a maths teacher for a day, armed with an artillery of the latest and greatest education technologies – including an 84” Promethean ActivPanel.

Romesh took on the challenge of teaching maths to a class of 14 year old students as part of a brand new entertainment series that celebrates science and the world around us through thrilling, big-scale experiments and emotive personal stories.

Seven years after leaving teaching to become a stand-up comedian; It’s Not Rocket Science takes Ramesh back to Hazelwick School in Crawley, where he used to teach – but this time with a suite of cutting edge technologies which help him to keep control of the class and keep his stress levels down…

Andy Stevens from Promethean had the opportunity to go behind the scenes during filming, which took place just before Christmas: “Interactive panels were not widely available when Ramesh was a teacher, and they certainly weren’t as advanced as they are these days. But you wouldn’t have known to see him at the front of the class leading the Maths lesson – fractions were flying from his fingers on to the screen in no time at all! And used in conjunction with some other technologies – which I can’t mention just yet – let’s just say there are some interesting new ways that the ActivPanel can help keep students on task and focused on the lesson!”

Romesh Ranganathan said: “It’s Not Rocket Science is one of the most exciting shows I’ve worked on. We’re doing some things that I think people are going to be genuinely amazed by. I am, however, slightly disappointed to not be presenting this alone.”

Alongside Romesh Ranganathan, It’s not Rocket Science is fronted by actor Ben Miller and presenter Rachel Riley, all of whom share a passion for science and technology. The fast paced and informative six part series brings science to life in all its many forms, showcasing brand new gadgets and technology, and using awe inspiring innovation.

The first episode, featuring Ramesh and the ActivPanel, will air on Tuesday 16th February at 8pm on ITV1.

If you would like a Promethean Education Solutions Consultant to bring an ActivPanel to your school, book a free demonstration here.