Soho Parish Primary School Case Study

Published: March 16th, 2020

Soho Parish Primary School Case Study, Louise Ritchie talks about ActivInspire:

For the Love of ActivInspire…

Since starting my teaching career in 1999, when front-of-class technology was in its infancy, I have always used Promethean technology. As one of the first teachers to embrace Promethean from the ActivBoard interactive whiteboard to the ActivPanel interactive display, I have been on a personal educational journey with the company for 20 years and its products and solutions have helped to create dynamic and engaging lessons whilst enhancing teaching experiences with technology.

Promethean’s lesson delivery software, ActivInspire was used at my old school across all classrooms as a tool to create and deliver engaging lessons, something which we have been lucky enough to be able to add to and improve over the years. From my first teaching experience with ActivInspire to moving to Soho Parish Primary School in 2004 where I am now headteacher, ActivInspire has been the trusted resource that we can rely on. With no subscription fees and continual investment from Promethean, we have been able to create a library of lesson content that can be changed and re-used to encourage collaboration and engagement in the classroom.

Across my two decades with Promethean, ActivInspire teaching software has been the one constant in a world of evolving change. With transforming technological hardware and updates to curriculums, ActivInspire has enabled us to adapt and develop our lessons, giving teachers enhanced flexibility and students a personalised learning experience. As the trusted educational resource for our school, ActivInspire has allowed teachers to create and share flipcharts for different lessons, share best practice and encourage increased engagement in lessons.

As the educational space moved away from interactive whiteboards, we identified an opportunity to introduce interactive flat panel displays to Soho Parish Primary School. Technology has evolved at a fast pace and it is important for children to be equipped from a young age to succeed and thrive in a technological world. Beyond ActivInspire, we have faith in Promethean’s education technology provisions from our experience with ActivBoards and decided to implement 10 ActivPanels across the school.

With years of teaching resources on ActivInspire, our transition to ActivPanels was incredibly seamless. Teachers can use their extensive bank of pre-created content to deliver lessons whilst also embracing the wider capabilities of the ActivPanel. The ability to switch easily between ActivInspire and applications to support immersive learning available on the ActivPanel has helped to facilitate learning at the moment. With multi-touch functionality for several children to use at once and the instant whiteboard app, the ActivPanel has supported engagement from students and creates a collaborative classroom environment.

Teachers are able to use all their pre-planned lessons in the same way that they have felt comfortable with for years, whilst exploring new and exciting ways to enhance them with technology. Having worked with and relied upon Promethean as early adopters of the technology, its investment in hardware and software that is suitable for the educational environment has encouraged our continued use of the technology. ActivInspire has supported the delivery of engaging and enriching lessons which have been further enhanced by the implementation of the ActivPanel. We are looking forward to streamlining the use of technology in the classroom with an education technology provider that we can trust.

Would your school benefit from a Promethean ActivPanel?

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