What’s behind the all-new ActivPanel?

What’s behind the all-new ActivPanel?

Published: January 11th, 2023

After years of research and development, we’re delighted to announce the launch of ActivPanel 9, an interactive whiteboard that brings simplicity and innovation to the changing world of educational technology.

Our panels are underpinned by five key points of focus, essential areas that set the foundation for a classroom solution that transforms the way we collaborate and learn.


The all-new ActivPanel delivers simplicity that enables you to hit the ground running from day one. Start using this easy-to-use solution as soon as you switch it on.

From teachers to students to IT support, this interactive panel makes everyone’s lives simpler.

Set up the panel and sign in with ease. Create a personalised user profile accessible from anywhere and navigate an intuitive user interface without any training needed. Encourage collaboration in your classroom with screenshare.


Connectivity is an essential element in education today. With an array of devices at your fingertips, we understand that you need a seamless connection that links flawlessly with your devices, both in and out of the classroom.

ActivSync, our innovative patented technology, makes it easy for you to sign in to your panel and quickly open the files from your device onto the panel. It also allows you to save screen captures and files to your device, as well as share lesson recordings to your cloud classroom.


As the need for adaptable learning environments increases, so too does the importance of cybersecurity.

The all-new ActivPanel puts security front and centre, allowing teachers to securely sign-in to their panel in the way that suits them.

From swiping contactless NFCs or QR codes, logging into your Promethean account, or with ActivSync by simply plugging in a device, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your user profile and confidential information is safe and secure.

When combined with easy screen locking and remote sign-out, your IT teams can rest assured that any user data stays protected.


Adaptability is key in the modern classroom. Whether you’re teaching in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid scenario, you need adaptable technology that’s ready for anything.

ActivPanel 9 takes this to the next level, helping you adapt to any change in circumstance. Easily capture and record lessons, then save them to the platform of your choice to share with students.

With an adaptable classroom panel, give students access to view lessons anywhere, anytime to help prevent learning loss and improve academic achievement.


When an educator invests in a new educational technology, they need to know it has longevity.

The best interactive display board for schools are ready for the future, and the all-new ActivPanel continues our tradition of delivering high-performance, durable hardware.

ActivPanel 9 offers an array of robust features, including an integrated recording app, an omnidirectional microphone array to capture voices throughout the classroom, multiple video input and output forms, and patented Vellum tough technology with pen/finger differentiation.

With updated networking hardware and enhanced processing speed, memory, and storage, the ActivPanel 9 will be your trusted classroom solution for years to come.

These five pillars are the foundation upon which the all-new ActivPanel is built, designed to revolutionise the classroom and keep you at the forefront of educational technology.

Explore the future of classroom technology today with Promethean.

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