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enhance your classroom

Published: April 6th, 2023

Unique ways of presenting your lessons can do wonders for student engagement and social-emotional learning. Promethean offers tools to assist you in getting this spring off to a great start with the ActivPanel Classroom Essential apps and innovative software solutions like ActivInspire

The Promethean ActivPanel Classroom Essential apps offer innovative ways to bring interaction and excitement to your everyday lessons:

  1. Annotate app: easy to use and helps you mark up anything displayed on your ActivPanel screen.
  2. Spinner and Timer apps: bring some gamification to any lesson (now offered as Promethean Web apps for use with the Chromebox or OPS-M).
  3. Promethean Whiteboard app: interactivity is easy—just capture your worksheets using the Screen Capture app to create reusable whiteboard lessons.
  4. You can open any .jpg or .png file on the whiteboard and share the saved .pwb files with colleagues using the cloud connect option or through a connected USB drive. 

ActivInspire is Promethean’s award-winning software for creating and delivering engaging and interactive lessons. With ActivInspire, students can explore your material in new ways. Quickly create interactivity using Rub and Reveal or Drag Copy actions, or upload files to add to any lesson. 

Visit the Promethean Resource Library to find already created ActivInspire flipcharts to quickly save, download, and present.  

Easy resources and ideas

Use ActivInspire flipchart templates

  • Begin each day or class with “Good News” shared by your students. Download the flipchart for this idea.
  • Create a new attendance flipchart with these ideas.
  • Create a classroom game with these ideas and templates.

Add music to your teaching

Play games with your students

Enhance your curriculum

Dig deeper

Use Promethean Solutions to jump-start your lessons by taking the Creating Activities course.

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