Hungry for tech: The student experience

enhance your classroom

Published: July 3rd, 2023

The more technology advances, the more devices we incorporate into our daily lives—sometimes without even knowing. Children in the U.K. are being exposed to the screen younger and younger, with 83% of parents saying their 5–7-year-old children use a tablet, 50% of those also regularly using a smartphone.1

With so many students being experts in tech by the time they even begin school, the education community must find ways to keep their classrooms engaged and involved.

While most students like their learning environment and connect with their teachers, the 2023 State of Technology in Education reports they would prefer more interesting lessons and the opportunity to work with more updated tech. In fact, 93% of surveyed students agreed that technology makes lessons more enjoyable. When asked what they would change about their school, 40% admitted they wanted more interesting ways to learn the curriculum, and to learn more about life after school in general.

Is technology a distraction in the classroom?

Some studies show technology can become a distraction in the classroom. But education technology, like interactive flat panels, prove their value again and again. Instead of distraction, students feel more dedication—with 89% saying education technology helps them understand and focus on their lessons easier, according to the 2023 State of Technology in Education.

Two in five students surveyed want to see more tech in the classroom, but will they get it? Unfortunately, 16% of educators say staff shortages have affected tech funding, leaving teachers without IT support which is already limited in the best of times. This makes it more important than ever to implement tech that’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to grow with over time.

The 2023 State of Technology in Education report shows students are using a wide array of technology, both at home and in the classroom. It’s no surprise tablets come in at number one, with 65% of students ranking tablet tech as their favorite way of utilizing technology.

Apps (53%) and online content and resources (38%) follow tablets as the second and third favorite ways to use technology, suggesting students appreciate having content online and easily accessible.

What about the teachers?   

After working so hard to create engaging lessons incorporating new technology and meeting the needs of their students, it’s important to know that dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. 87% of students said their teachers work hard, while the majority feel their teachers care about them, make them happy, and help their confidence.

Keeping up with the newest education technology solutions can help your classroom stay engaged, interested, and wanting more, all while helping you manage your everyday admin tasks.

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