Educational Apps For Geography Lessons

group of students using geography apps in the classroom

Published: June 23rd, 2022

In need of some inspiration to make your geography classes a bit more exciting?

With the wide range of apps used in conjunction with an interactive display, students can benefit from staying tuned in during classes and keeping their skills sharp.

Read on to learn more about ten of the best Geography apps out there and see how these apps, packed with flashcards, fun games, quizzes, and more, can help bring a spark of magic back to geography lessons.

We also have many more interactive whiteboard resources available for the classroom. 

How Can Educational Apps Enhance Your Geography Teaching?

Geography is one of the most complex academic disciplines that students can study, and if it’s possible to make it a little easier with interactive apps, then why not try it?

These apps encourage students to study in a more unconventional manner, free from textbooks and strenuous lessons. Learning geography through the help of interactive apps for kids can spark interest and reignite the love for the topic.

Many apps give a richer hands-on experience, allowing children to have fun as they learn, and you don’t need us to tell you that when kids enjoy themselves in the classroom, they will learn much more!

The good news is that there are so many geography apps on the market today to help with the challenge of being a geography teacher!

Below are ten of the best apps which will get your students motivated and ready to hone their geography skills.

10 Of The Best Educational Apps To Learn Geography

*The below educational geography apps all require an internet connection.

Google Earth

Google Earth provides an immersive interactive experience for students and a better point of reference than mere maps. It allows students to search for any location in the world, making Google Earth ideal for group projects, solo research, or class exploration.

Lots of teachers enjoy creating scavenger-type hunts from Google Earth. For example, students get tasked to locate geographical landmarks, the Wonders of the World, or anything else they are learning. All the countries in the world are available to students with just a few clicks of a button.

And Google Earth is appropriate for all ages; younger children will get as much of a buzz from it as teenagers, making it easier to learn geography.


Map Master is a pin-point game where students are required to locate lakes, rivers, mountains, states, islands, and countries to help them learn geography and grow their existing knowledge.

Many of these games encourage students to think as fast as they can. Still, there are various game modes if you, the educator, want to create a slower lesson where lots of discussions are incorporated. This type of learning will help students to learn geography at a faster rate.

Another game mode allows students to play against each other, as a class, or even students vs the teacher, which is undoubtedly an exciting lesson for everyone.


In this geography game, players are randomly dropped somewhere in the world in street view and have to use their knowledge of their surroundings to find out where they are.

Your students can play this game in one of three learning game modes:

  • Single-player mode – This allows players to work at their own pace to understand the location they have been placed in.
  • Private party mode – Students can test their observational skills and geographic know-how against their classmates, where they can create a private party and play together.
  • World mode – Students can play against anyone else in the world who is playing at the same time as them. This mode is also great for getting different geography classes battling against each other.

Geo Challenge

Geo Challenge lets students have fun using stunning graphics and animations while providing challenging tests and fun map puzzles to test their world geography knowledge.

There are four mini-games covering:

  • Major cities of the world
  • Country flags
  • Country borders
  • Famous landmarks

Each quiz lasts 60 seconds, with players encouraged to answer as fast as possible. Extra time is given to those who score correct answers on the following levels.


Kahoot! is a popular website amongst teachers of many subjects.

With ease, kids can easily access the game via a tablet to play a selection of geography games, independently or with classmates. The results can then be viewed on the interactive display and discussed as they continue learning geography and increasing their skill set.

Although there are a whole host of world geography quizzes to complete on Kahoot!, teachers can also create their own geography quiz game. They can also opt for added visuals, videos and any other graphics. Better still, students can create their own and test their peers, making for a fun lesson for all.


Quizlet is one of the most popular apps for kids in America, and it is fast making waves in the UK.

Quizlet allows students to learn information via interactive tools and games such as flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes on everything from world geography to geographical landmarks and state capitals.

Different education levels are increasing to GCSE and beyond, so it’s great for older students too.

Stack The Countries

Stack the Countries is one of the most highly-rated user-friendly geography apps on Google PlayStore. It is an excellent app suitable for all ages, whether your students are of primary or secondary level age.

The app creates a creative and informal way to learn world geography and test pre-existing knowledge. Players (or teachers) can alter which parts of the world they focus on along with what sort of questions they are expected to answer, making it the perfect app to tailor to your geography lessons.

And not just geography lessons that can benefit; Stack the Countries can also be incorporated into language lessons, as it’s available in Spanish, French, and English.


StudyGe gives users three options to focus on:

  • Names of countries
  • Capital cities
  • Flags

The teacher or students can decide which colourful game mode they want to focus on between the three. Notably, the difficulty level can be adjusted at any time, allowing educators to cater to different ages of pupils.

You can also choose which area of the world you want to concentrate on and start testing your students’ geography skills with a world geography quiz game from the app.

GeoBee Challenge

Designed by National Geographic, the GeoBee Challenge app has five locations that students need to identify. Each answer is multi-choice, and there are bonus rounds and fun interactive map landmark hunting thrown in too.

The map’s challenges require students to be as accurate as possible, with a scoring system to match how close students have come to locate an area on the map.

Speed is rewarded in this fun game, and those who answer correctly the fastest take the lead.

Seterra Geography

Seterra Geography acts as a world geography quiz game, whereby students can learn about the world’s countries, their capitals, cities and towns, rivers, mountains, and even volcanos.

There is also a handy voice feature if students are unsure how to pronounce the names of different cities, which can be used collectively as class practice and solo.

How To Incorporate Geography Apps and Games Into Your Lessons

The best way to use geography apps is to approach them with enthusiasm and excitement and use them as a reward towards the end of a lesson that might have been rather intense or dull.

You can also use them as exam practice; the best geography apps are ideal for those students who have a geography exam fast approaching. They allow both younger kids and teenagers to retain information in a fun way.

Pair Great Geography Apps With A High-Quality Interactive Display

It’s not just geography classrooms that can benefit from an interactive display; any subject can be enhanced with these innovative ways of teaching.

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