Promethean launches insight paper to analyse potential links between homework submission and affluence

Learning with Parents

Published: March 3rd, 2023

The study was completed in partnership with Learning with Parents

Promethean has launched a new insight paper in collaboration with Learning with Parents, a charity that supports disadvantaged families with home learning.

The two organisations partnered to analyse a wealth of data from the charity’s parental engagement platforms, to understand if being in receipt of pupil premium impacts when a student completes their homework, and when teachers should set homework to achieve the most effective results from all learners.

The findings showed that on average, children eligible for pupil premium complete a smaller percentage of the activities completed by their more affluent peers, while families in receipt of pupil premium are less likely to leave photos and comments compared to those who aren’t. Data also revealed which days and times of the week all families are least likely to engage with homework.

Tom Harbour, CEO at Learning with Parents, said: “By the time they finish primary school, children from disadvantaged backgrounds are about nine months behind their more affluent peers in terms of their ability. How much parents and carers encourage children to complete homework is a key factor in this – but there are a wealth of complex obstacles facing modern, less advantaged families, which all have an impact.

“Reading and writing ability, digital literacy, access to technology, and the amount of spare time parents have available these days all have the potential to influence a child’s experience with homework. Our role is to arm families and teachers with insight on the small adjustments that can be made which achieve a significant impact, and ensure all young learners have the opportunity to reach their full potential with home learning.”

The insight paper is the latest initiative in the collaboration between Promethean and Learning with Parents, which already provides access to fully-funded CPDs for primary school leaders throughout the UK.

Jim Wallis, Head of UKI Market at Promethean, said: “Our business centres on providing the right tools to support engagement in classrooms. But education doesn’t stop there. What happens at home is an essential element of pupils’ learning journeys, so our collaboration with Learning with Parents is one that’s full of synergy.

“Together, through our various different initiatives, we’re ensuring that teachers, families, and pupils are all equipped with insights and resources to achieve equality in learning, no matter a person’s background or situation. Alongside Learning with Parents, we’ll be ensuring the insights in our latest paper are shared with those who need it most, to help rethink approaches to education both in and outside of school.”

Further information on Learning with Parents and its programmes to support parental engagement can be found on its website. To find out more about the launch of Promethean’s collaboration with Learning with Parents, read the initial announcement.