Promethean releases The State of Technology in Education Report 19/20

Published: October 2nd, 2019

This year, the Promethean State of Technology in Education Report 2019/20 has surveyed over 2,000 educators from around the UK and Ireland, providing valuable insight into the experiences of teachers, school leaders and ICT managers. Over four years, the report has plotted the real trends in the education sector in relation to areas such as the use of technology, training, strategic goals, budgets, workload and wellbeing.

With over 20 years’ experience in the education sector, the report was born out of Promethean recognising that there was an absence of a scalable industry benchmark for educator thoughts in relation to technology. Since then, the report has evolved, pushing the boundaries beyond the realms of technology into wider areas of education. Pioneered by Promethean, the State of Technology in Education Report aims to open up a dialogue around the challenges and successes educators are experiencing.

The State of Technology in Education Report 2019/20 will be released in chapters over the next few months. The first two chapters on ‘Schools’ Strategic Visions’ and ‘Workload and Wellbeing’ have now been published, revealing some interesting statistics.

Schools’ strategic visions:

  • School leaders identify pupils’ needs as the biggest influence on their strategies at 81 percent, up 20 percent on last year.
  • Focus on the curriculum by school leaders has risen by over 40 percent in the last year, from 21 percent to 62 percent.
  • 50 percent of school leaders want to use technology to boost engagement, up 35 percent since 2017/18.
  • Only 52 percent of respondents believe their school has a clear strategic vision for the year ahead, down 17 percent on last year. 

Workload & Wellbeing:

  • 81 percent of teachers believe workload is contributing to high levels of stress in schools, up 19 percent on last year.
  • 38 percent of respondents agree that their school is doing more to address workload, compared to 20 percent in 2018/19.
  • 71 percent of teachers say workload is harming student learning.
  • Over half of respondents (52 percent) say workload and long hours are the biggest threat to staff retention.

To see the first two chapters in full, view the State of Technology in Education Report 2018/19 online – the next chapters on ‘Staff Training’ and ‘Budgets’ will be published soon.