Promethean announces winner of #ClassroomStory competition

Published: April 25th, 2019

Promethean is proud to announce the winner of the #ClassroomStory competition that took place at education technology show Bett, in January 2019. Given that show draws in crowds of educators from all over the world, it was the perfect opportunity to give educators a chance to share their most memorable teaching experiences. On stand, Promethean installed its very own video booth where educators were invited submit their #ClassroomStory and be in with the chance of winning an ActivPanel.

Some truly inspirational stories were captured over the duration of the show but one in particular stood out to the judges. Dan Rolles, Network Manager at Shieling Special Education Trust, shared his story that encompassed the ethos that every member of staff in a school has a valuable role to play, and that teaching and learning has a long lasting impact on pupils and their career prospects.

Dan told Promethean about a child named Brandon that would frequently come to his office to ask ICT related questions, who had a real passion for technology. At the time, technology was still an emerging trend in schools and was seen as a fairly ‘nerdy’ subject, but this did not phase Brandon, and Dan encouraged him to learn more about ICT.

Recently, Dan bumped into Brandon and discovered that he is now working for the ICT department of a large bank. Brandon thanked Dan for the support he had given him in school and said he had inspired him on to pursue a career in ICT.

“When a colleague and I saw the competition at Bett we thought it would be great to have a go and share some of our experiences. My colleague made me promise that if we won an ActivPanel it could go in their classroom, so they’re in for a real treat! It was great to be able to share my story and highlight how rewarding working in education can be. There are teachers everywhere with stories like these,” said Dan.

Alistair Hayward, Promethean’s Head of UKI and ANZ Markets, said: “All too often we see negative press about the state of the education sector in the UK, and we are very aware of these challenges. It was wonderful for us to be able to give educators the opportunity to share their #ClassroomStory at Bett – hopefully some of these might inspire the next generation of inspirational teachers.”

You can see Dan’s #ClassroomStory below. Keep an eye out for more innovative videos from the #ClassroomStory campaign which will launch this month.