Promethean Accelerator

Introducing the Promethean Accelerator Programme

For over 25 years we’ve recognised that designing robust technology for the education environment is not enough. Technology is an enabler, and to unlock its true value requires a holistic approach.

To support selected schools or groups of schools in achieving maximum value from Promethean solutions, we’ve developed the Promethean Accelerator programme, which: 

  • Aligns edtech strategy with curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Equips teachers with key skills and confidence.
  • Futureproofs today’s investments for tomorrow’s learning.

Promethean offers the Promethean Accelerator to schools and groups who invest in the ActivPanel, the fundamental pillars of the Promethean Accelerator are:

  • Professional development
  • In-house leading teacher Promethean ‘Champions’
  • Best practice shared through Teacher-Certified network

Download the Promethean Accelerator to learn more about the benefits of deploying the programme in your school.

Download the Promethean Accelerator

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