Promethean’s ActivPanel Elements Series is a flexible interactive display that engages students in the classroom, enables teachers to facilitate learning from home and supports schools in moving seamlessly between the two.

Request a free demonstration to explore how the ActivPanel and accompanying software make it easy to adopt a digital-first approach to pedagogy and deliver maximum positive impact with the smallest of time investments.

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How can the ActivPanel support hybrid learning?

Enhanced connectivity

Use the Screen Share app to connect student devices with a lesson and collaborate in class or at home.

Reduced workload

Capture classroom-based lessons with ActivInspire Screen Recorder and share as a video with absent students.

Increased engagement

Make time in the classroom more productive by creating digitally-engaging and easily digestible activities.

I am passionate about using technology to create exciting, engaging and collaborative learning spaces. When in the classroom, the ActivPanel is an enabler for class-wide interactivity, encouraging participation and fun in lessons. Maintaining this rhetoric when learning is taking place away from the classroom, using both the Promethean ActivPanel and its accompanying software ActivInspire, I have been recording lessons as I would in school to support student development. Retaining positivity and interactivity, this method has helped to make learning more accessible for students at home, by ensuring they have access to learning materials at a time that suits them.

Alex Bramley
Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 Teacher at Spire Junior School