My school operates within the Microsoft ecosystem. Will that work with the Promethean ActivPanel?

OPS-M for ActivPanel

Published: September 13th, 2022

Is the ActivPanel compatible with a Microsoft ecosystem?

Absolutely! Promethean offers a range of intelligent and flexible computing options (known as computing modules) so schools can choose the interactive display operating system that works best for their IT ecosystem.

The Promethean OPS-M is an optional Windows® computing module that creates an all-in-one, large format Windows experience on the ActivPanel interactive display for the classroom. The advantages of using a computing module such as the OPS-M are that they can be easily updated and slotted neatly into the ActivPanel with ease.

If your school isn’t on a Microsoft ecosystem then don’t worry, Promethean also has a computing module (the Chromebox) for Google ecosystem networks.

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