How much is an interactive whiteboard/ smart panel?

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Published: September 1st, 2021

Presenters can find it hard to engage with their audiences. With interactive whiteboards, that’s an issue of the past. Now, educators and meeting presenters can develop interactive content that will keep their users’ attention on the screen rather than in the clouds.

Are you considering purchasing an interactive whiteboard? Speak with a representative at Promethean today to discuss the price of an interactive whiteboard and which model may be right for you. 

What is an interactive whiteboard? 

An interactive whiteboard (also known as an interactive display) is the best tool for developing engaging presentations and lessons. The interactive whiteboard features a touchscreen display that processes your markings and transposes them onto your computer. From the display screen, you can control your computer screen, giving you the ability to interact with your projections.

Interactive whiteboards have revolutionized the sharing of information in classrooms, boardrooms, and training studios. Whether you’re an athlete, executive, or teacher, you will benefit from having an interactive whiteboard. 

Some of the functions you might use an interactive whiteboard for include:

  • Taking notes and being able to immediately print them from the screen
  • Projecting lessons or presentations onto a screen that you can then interact with
  • Marking up or annotating a lesson 
  • Capturing data in real-time with polling and quiz features 
  • Highlighting text

How much does an interactive whiteboard cost? 

The exact cost of an interactive whiteboard varies based on the model you desire, the capabilities you require, installation fees, and local sales tax. Much like a computer, interactive whiteboards have a variety of operating capabilities and upgrade options.

An interactive whiteboard is an investment. You should seek one with your desired functionality, as it will benefit your business or your classroom exponentially over the years.

Things that will impact the cost of your interactive whiteboard:

  • Size (standard vs. widescreen)
  • Brand
  • Single vs. multi-touch function
  • Shipping costs
  • If you add speakers
  • Installation fees

Are there additional costs associated with digital whiteboards?  

Interactive whiteboards are not standalone devices. They require additional software, accessories, and mounts to perform their best. Selecting from these additional costs will allow you to customize your own digital whiteboard budget.

Some additional costs to consider:

  • Wall mounts or rolling stands (ranging from $250 to over $1500)
  • Smart board pens and erasers (ranging from $25 to $200)
  • Projectors, if required (upwards of $3,000)
  • Tutorials and training (upwards of $50)
  • Camera upgrades (from $100 to $250)
  • Software and software updates, such as cloud services to add functionality (from $0 to $600, or monthly fees of over $500). Don’t forget, interactive teaching software from Promethean (ActivInspire and ClassFlow) is free with any purchase and there are no subscription costs!

What to Consider Before Purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard  

1. What do you need the interactive whiteboard to do?

Consider the reasons why you’re buying the interactive whiteboard to help determine which one is best for you. 

2. How many people will be using the interactive whiteboard? 

Will multiple people be using it at the same time? With more people using the interactive whiteboard, you’ll want to upgrade to a multi-touch display screen. This will allow multiple individuals to work at once on the screen.

3. What size board will you need?

You don’t always need the biggest screen. However, if you’re planning to teach in a large lecture hall, you’ll need a larger screen so your students can see it. In offices, you may not need as large of a screen.

4. What resolution do you prefer?

Higher resolution makes the display easier to read and be seen by the people you are presenting to.

5. Where will you put the board?

Does the board need to be portable? If so, get an interactive display stand with wheels. If not, get a wall mount where you can ensure your interactive whiteboard will be safely stored. You will need to consider the size of the wall where it will be displayed.

6. Do you need to upgrade your interactive whiteboard with software and apps?

Increase engagement with one of the many software and apps available for teachers and presenters.

7. Do you need training?

If you feel you need more training, select a retailer that offers lessons and tutorials to help you learn how to use your new interactive whiteboard. Promethean offers comprehensive training, many of which is free and online, to both new and existing interactive whiteboard and interactive display users.

8. Will you need multi-device connectivity?

To allow multiple screens to use the device from different places, especially with remote working, you will need multi-device connectivity.

9. How long do you want your interactive whiteboard to last?

Steel whiteboards will have more durability.

10. Will saving and printing functions benefit your audience?

If so, you should invest in a whiteboard that can automatically save and print from the display screen.

Are interactive whiteboards worth it?   

Interactive whiteboards are worth the cost to benefit offices and educational institutions by presenting information in an engaging way that their audience can interact with. However, many people worry about the cost.

An interactive whiteboard is like a laptop: an investment to benefit your work. It may seem expensive up front, but the durability of the product allows you to continue to benefit from its enhanced engagement for years to come. 

What is the best interactive whiteboard for education?

Educators should look for whiteboards with:

  • Multi-touch functionality
  • Remote learning capabilities, such as multi-device capability 
  • Additional apps to promote engagement
  • Touch screen displays
  • Large screens with high resolutions and 20-point font for visibility
  • Speakers
  • Save and print capabilities

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