NetDragon Announces New Educational Technology Partnership with the City of Moscow

Published: März 8th, 2017

NetDragon is pleased to announce that the Company’s interactive flat panel displays have been selected by the City of Moscow to be installed in over 7,600 classrooms. As a result, over 14,500 educators throughout Moscow will be able to engage students using the latest advancements in interactive digital technologies designed for the modern classroom.

In support of Moscow’s “Smart City” initiative, NetDragon developed a best-in-class interactive flat panel display tailored to the specific needs of Moscow’s teachers with customized features and user experience. After a thorough process of evaluating various interactive classroom display technologies in accordance with Russian tender legislation, the City of Moscow selected technology from Promethean, a NetDragon subsidiary and global leader in interactive technologies for education, as its preferred solution for Moscow’s schools.

The powerful new interactive flat panel display from NetDragon, called the Irbis by Promethean panel, features vivid 4K resolution and enables up to 20 simultaneous touches for small group activities. In addition, the 86 inch Irbis by Promethean panel will set a new standard for interactive display surface touch and writing experiences. Designed with an innovative InGlass™ touch and writing technology, the Irbis by Promethean panel offers a naturally smooth writing experience with no script-lag or response delays.

“NetDragon is proud to partner with the City of Moscow on this landmark project that has the opportunity to reshape the learning experience for over 400,000 students across the city,” said Dr. Simon Leung, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of NetDragon. “We are excited about the opportunity to work hand in hand with the City of Moscow to create the digital tools that enable teachers to get the very best from their students in the latest state-of-the-art classroom environment.”

The Irbis by Promethean panel project will be part of a broader system-wide, digital learning environment and will be deployed across over 1,500 school buildings in the City of Moscow.  Each Irbis by Promethean panel will act as an integrated, all in one platform for Moscow teachers that will provide access to teaching tools including curated digital teaching resources and content, interactive lesson-building software from Promethean, an internet browser, and a bespoke digital lesson-delivery platform. Irbis by Promethean panel installations will begin later this month and will be completed before the end of 2017.