Is your edtech strategy aligned with your school’s priorities?

Published: July 5th, 2021

Technology is touching every part of modern life and is becoming increasingly influential within the education space for engaging students, encouraging collaboration and most recently, supporting educational continuity. Although, school strategies tend to follow different paths when it comes to prioritising edtech usage.

This year’s Promethean State of Technology in Education Report sought to uncover the most common priorities for schools when it comes to tech strategy.

The results are in…

So, what did teachers think?

Almost half of all educators asked, identified that their main priority for tech usage in lessons was to boost engagement.

Technology has been used within schools to add an additional dimension to classroom activities, giving students and teachers the opportunity to immerse themselves in lesson content. Coinciding with this, technology to enhance collaboration has also seen an increase of 4% from 41% the year before.

The priority area that saw the highest increase was the importance of using tech to maximise online safety in schools, now seeing a third of all educators marking this as a main consideration. Following the upward trend of online safety, ‘ensuring pupil and other important data is protected online’ also rose by 7% to reach a total of 20%.

With engagement and collaboration still retaining the high ranking positions in terms of main priorities for educators, it would appear that technology strategies are still being driven by classroom activities. However, its benefits are being prioritised on a wider scale, seeing technology strategy driving the awareness and recognition of online safety within a school environment.

What does this mean for edtech strategy?

The results demonstrate optimism for the future, with technology identified as an engagement enabler, this can help schools to make edtech investments that bolster lesson delivery, classroom interaction and help to support students when in the classroom.

Beyond this, technology is also being considered a key part of wider school strategies, seeing it becoming ever-more integrated within long-term investment planning and a driver behind pedagogical results.

Check out the full Promethean State of Technology in Education Report!