stands and mounts

Your classroom, exactly how
you want it.

We’ll ensure you’re using the ActivPanel to the fullest, with a configuration tailored to your learning environment.

Fixed or fluid? The choice is yours.

We’ve engineered height-adjustable as well as fixed-height options for both mobile stands and wall mounts.

Height-adjustable mobile stand

Easily move your interactive display anywhere you want it and configure your classroom on the fly. Adjusting height is effortless, so you can meet the needs of any user.

mobile stand

Keep your ActivPanel at the height that’s exactly right for you. Freely move your interactive display around the room or easily transfer it to another space.

wall mount

Even wall-mounted interactive displays can be quickly and simply adjusted with our user-friendly height-adjustable wall mount. Weak walls? No problem. Our optional floor support has you covered.

Fixed wall mount

Our fixed wall mount safely keeps your ActivPanel in one place and position for a more permanent display.

Promethean includes a fixed wall mount with the purchase of an ActivPanel interactive display.

It is compatible with all ActivPanel sizes.