Introducing the all-new ActivPanel with ActivSync

Introducing the all-new ActivPanel with ActivSync

Published: January 9th, 2023

In this new and ever-changing teaching landscape, educators need modern classroom software that’s ready for the future.

With an over 25-year history of transforming the way the world learns and collaborates, we’re proud to announce the launch of the all-new ActivPanel, a cutting-edge interactive display that helps you navigate the evolving world of education technology.

Here are just a few amazing features that ActivPanel 9 can bring to your classroom:

Easy to use with an intuitive interface

At Promethean, our customers are at the heart of what we do. We understand teachers want to quickly and easily use a new product, without the need for laborious and time-consuming training.

The ActivPanel 9 helps you get up to speed instantly through its intuitive user interface. Our interactive displays for education are designed with simplicity in mind, with familiar icons, and a completely personalised roaming profile that’s accessible wherever you go.

Secure sign-in and quick authentication

We understand that when you use an interactive display, you want to sign in swiftly so you can start teaching as soon as you switch it on.

Our new panel lets you sign in quickly and securely, with your choice of login methods. Choose between the swipe of a card, QR code access or using a password to quickly and securely sign in to your panel

Customisable menu, profile, and wallpaper

Make the panel your own with a variety of personalised features.

Customise your menu, profile, and wallpaper to create a learning environment that perfectly matches your unique teaching style. Save favourite apps and resources so you can quickly find them and engage your students in the way that suits you and them.

Seamless connections with any type of device

The panel’s lesson delivery software lets you quickly and effortlessly connect with the devices of your choice.

Move freely around the classroom as you use a device, mirror students’ work on the shared screen, or connect multiple devices in a single session. And, to help prevent learning loss and improve student achievement, easily record and upload lessons with classroom dialogue to your cloud classroom to share with students. It’s never been easier to teach, in any learning environment.

Designed for modern learning

The classroom has changed dramatically.

Whether you’re in the classroom, or scenario, ActivPanel 9 makes it easy to inspire your students. Sync your files and resources across devices with our patented ActivSync technology and be ready to teach.

Built to last with powerful, robust capabilities

When you choose the all-new ActivPanel, you choose a trusted interactive panel that will last for years to come.

With increased processing speed, memory, and storage, plus updated networking hardware, our interactive displays can adapt to your changing needs well into the future.

Take a deep dive into the all-new ActivPanel with our CEO, Vice President of Product Management and Design, and Product Manager here.

Get started today with the all-new ActivPanel and explore the future of edtech.

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