How ActivPanel interactive boards for classrooms integrates into any technology environment reliably and securely

Published: June 18th, 2020

By Lucy Geringer, Promethean Education Consultant

While I am sure we are not all science experts and may not know the specifics of the elements on the periodic table, I do know that we can all easily understand the Promethean ActivPanel Element Series and its integration into any technology environment. The Element Series ActivPanel interactive display board, which includes both the Titanium and Nickel versions, is a reliable teaching solution that allows educators to consistently feel confident and secure. So how does the ActivPanel easily integrate into any technology environment? Let’s answer some pressing questions many are thinking and imagine what incorporating new technology into your learning environment can look like!

What about all the different individual devices we already have?

The Element Series ActivPanel interactive display for education plays nice in the sandbox and is compatible with a range of technology you may already be using in a learning environment. Educators that already have devices they want to connect can instantly do this through easy to access ports that permit touch interactivity with a range of devices such as Chrome, Windows, and Apple. The plug and play feature of the ActivPanel allow the Promethean apps to be used over any device that is displayed on the ActivPanel such as a laptop or a document camera. Imagine instantly annotating and screen capturing students’ work in real-time taking modeling to the next level!

What if I just want it to be a stand-alone technology option?

Right out of the box, the ActivPanel permits educators who are using interactive boards for schools to have instant access to teaching tools through the easy to use unified menu that includes Promethean apps such as an instant whiteboard, screen capture, timer, spinner, and annotation tool. These apps are created by Promethean and updated from educator feedback to ensure a successful and reliable teaching tool.  An educator can also take classroom integration even further with a Promethean Chromebox or slot in Windows OPS-M or Android ActivConnect OPS-G. Imagine using the ActivPanel for center-based learning to increase skill-building and collaboration!

What if I want to make these devices wireless instead?

The Promethean Screenshare app allows teacher and student devices to be quickly and reliably mirrored up to the front of the classroom with no wires attached. Teachers can have up to 39 devices in the waiting room and securely tap on devices they wish to show without the fear of a student interrupting an important lesson to show vacation photos. Mirroring can be done from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, chrome browsers and laptops (which also permit touchback!) across networks to permit seamless integration and mobility within the learning environment. Imagine interacting with the device of an expert from across the country in real-time!

Do I have to worry about others gaining access to my files?

No need to worry with the Promethean user profiles that allow for password-protected sign in and sign out capabilities. Whether someone is sharing a room with other teachers or often has guests coming in and out to utilize the space, the user profiles can ensure security so an individual’s items are protected. Each user has the ability to configure their profile including apps, access to cloud storage, and customized wallpapers. Imagine students using the guest profile as a temporary collaborative workspace!

How will these devices be managed?

Promethean’s Panel Management portal allows for extra layers of security whether at the district or site level. Administrators can lock or unlock features and also push updates remotely to ensure consistency and security. Imagine power teachers who want to test out new updates and then teach their colleagues during the next Professional Development day!

How do I know where to start with the options out there?

Promethean’s team of Field Sales Engineers, Local Sales Representatives and Education Consultants (all prior classroom teachers!) work collaboratively to make sure your questions are answered and educators feel confident. Promethean’s easy installation, warranty, and consistent support permit educators to continue their focus on teaching without worrying about unreliable connections. Case studies (such as ones in the Promethean Resource Center) are a great resource to show what could be achieved when you adopt touch screen classroom technology into your curriculum. Imagine becoming a Promethean expert yourself through in-person summits and virtual training events like Camp Promethean!

And the million-dollar question, do I have to pay extra for all these features to integrate the ActivPanel into my learning environment?

Promethean has you covered with our award-winning lesson delivery software ActivInspire and Classflow teaching software, panel management, updates, and more that come with the purchase of your ActivPanel! Free training courses, guides, and video tutorials are also available through the Learn Promethean website.  If you are looking at pricing for the Promethean ActivPanel as an interactive display board for your school, you can contact a Promethean representative via the How to Buy page. Pricing can vary dependent on the model and size, so it is best to speak to a representative first and get your questions answered. Live Demos can also be scheduled so you do not need to just imagine but can see it in person!

With Promethean’s ActivPanel interactive board you can ensure that you will always feel secure, reliable, and supported through a team that understands the importance of seamless classroom integration. Imagine what your future learning environment can look like when you become part of the Promethean family!

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