Promethean Chromebox

Promethean® Chromebox

Seamless and Certified Access to Thousands of Apps from the Google Play Store

The Promethean Chromebox is the perfect solution for extending an existing Chrome OS ecosystem to the ActivPanel Elements series, providing certified and seamless access to preferred apps from the Google Play Store. View and launch downloaded apps directly from the ActivPanel’s Unified Menu with one-click access and no need for source switching.

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A Completely Integrated Experience

The Promethean Chromebox is fully integrated with the ActivPanel Elements series, providing a seamless, intuitive user experience. Apps downloaded from the Google Play Store conveniently appear directly in the Locker in the Unified Menu. Any connected Google Account apps and settings are automatically downloaded to the Chromebox for easy access.

ActivPanel Titanium with Promethean Chromebox
Promethean Chromebox Apps

Full Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification – Right Out of the Box

In partnership with Google, the Promethean Chromebox provides complete GMS certification and instant access to the Google Play Store, including thousands of educational and productivity apps – right out of the box!

Full GMS Certification

Designed for Security and Reliability

The Promethean Chromebox is the only fully integrated, classroom-ready Chromebox that’s market-tested and supported by Promethean. Take advantage of the integrated Google management console, built-in security, and automatic, feature-enhancing Google updates.

How to buy

Small But Mighty

With a slim form factor, the Promethean Chromebox easily attaches to the ActivPanel, while still providing powerful computing power, expanded storage, and blazing Wi-Fi® performance – making it an ideal solution for K-12 environments.

Promethean Chromebox