Ensuring a smooth transition back to the classroom

Published: June 11th, 2020

As teachers begin to return to the classroom, some face new challenges such as teaching to ‘hybrid’ classes of both physically and digitally present students.    

Having returned to the classroom, do you now find yourself teaching groups of students that alternate between learning in the classroom and learning from home? You’re not alone – as part of a phased return to the classroom, many schools are reducing numbers in the classroom so that students are spending some time in school and some time learning from home. At this time, it’s important to support educational continuity by providing a consistent and effective learning experience.

While this may seem challenging, you can make the job a lot more manageable by taking advantage of tools that are already present in the classroom – such as Promethean’s ActivPanel. Using technology, you can deliver effective lessons for present and distant pupils simultaneously.

Adapting to hybrid classrooms through technology

The reopening of schools under social distancing measures shows how far we have come, but it also poses new pedagogical challenges including teaching to hybrid classes.

We at Promethean are here to help you adapt, taking lessons from educational experts and those with long-term experience in teaching digitally. You can use education technology solutions that you’re already familiar with to manage hybrid classes without changing your own teaching techniques too much.

The Promethean ActivPanel and its supplied-as-standard lesson planning and delivery tool, ActivInspire, support simultaneous teaching to present and distant students by interfacing with videoconferencing tools like Zoom. You can use tools like Zoom to share your lesson, including your voice, with distant students – and you’ll be able to speak to them in real time.

You can follow this quick guide to get your ActivPanel set up with Zoom:

Teaching to a hybrid class does require some flexibility and creativity, but using technology can make it a great deal easier. Promethean is here to help you make the most of your education technology resources, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for any support.