New campus, next-generation tech: ActivPanel 9 at Ilim College

Ilim College, a co-educational Islamic school in Melbourne, Australia, traces its roots back to a late 20th century Turkish community. First recognised in 1995 as the ‘Islamic College of Northwestern […]

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A student using a digital device to learn literacy skills presses their finger on a screen.

How can edTech help with alternative and augmentative communication?

Communication is the cornerstone of effective teaching and learning. It plays a fundamental role in creating a positive and inclusive classroom environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. […]

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students using an AI tool in the classroom

AI in education: what is there to watch out for?

The ban on using AI in classrooms is due to be overturned in 2024. This comes after the development of a national framework guiding teachers on how to use the […]

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A teacher selects student names in a virtual waiting room on an interactive display.

How Promethean’s essential classroom apps can improve your lessons

The ActivePanel 9 – Promethean’s next-generation interactive panel – comes preloaded with six essential classroom apps. Created by teachers for teachers, the six classroom educational apps were designed to engage […]

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Groups of students sit at a table studying.

Distributed practice or mass practice: which should you use and when?

As a teacher, it’s important that you give your students plenty of time to practise the information you’ve taught them in class. Distributed practice and mass practice are two common […]

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Children listen to their teacher as they sit in a classroom.

How to foster inclusion in a classroom: a guide for teachers

In today’s diverse world, fostering an inclusive classroom environment has become a fundamental goal for educators. By creating an environment where all voices are valued and respected, you give every […]

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How to build positive relationships between teacher and student

As a teacher, you have the incredible responsibility of facilitating learning in your classroom, which includes establishing positive, meaningful teacher and student relationships. Building strong connections is key for creating […]

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A student reads a book in a classroom.

Why does equity in education matter

Equity in education lies at the heart of every successful classroom. When all students are granted equal access to learning materials and resources, they can reach their full potential and […]

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students working on spelling in the classroom

Strategies for improving your students’ spelling

Spelling can be challenging for some students, but by leveraging the Direct Instruction Spelling Mastery program, you can help your students vastly improve their accuracy and confidence with spelling. Read […]

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A poster for National Simultaneous Storytime. It features an illustration of a pink sloth wearing a yellow running outfit. It reads: National Simultaneous Storytime. The Speedy Sloth by Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie. 24 May 2023.

National Simultaneous Storytime activity ideas for your school

National Simultaneous Storytime 2023 is coming up this May. Here’s all you need to know about the day, including activity ideas to help your school and community get involved.  What […]

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An Indigenous Elder sitting in the outback with the Aboriginal flag in the back ground

NAIDOC Week activity ideas for your school

This year, NAIDOC Week celebrations will be held from July 2 to July 9. Celebrating and recognising the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, NAIDOC […]

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Happy teacher reading a book with a student at school.

What are the 10 high impact teaching strategies?

The “high impact teaching strategies” (HITS) are a collection of 10 instructional practices that can be used to improve student learning. Based on the findings of thousands of studies from […]

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Promethean takes our popular Timer, Spinner, and Annotate apps to the next level

Teachers love using our Timer, Spinner, and Annotate apps to enliven their lessons. So we’re excited to launch a brand new version of each that will make these popular apps […]

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Young female student studying on a computer in a classroom.

Eight learning strategies that will set your students up for success

It’s no secret that, to be successful in education, students need to have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. But many teachers want to do more for their students […]

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