ActivPanel Portfolio Guide

We have one goal—to make education technology more powerful and more useful every day. By understanding exactly what you need in the classroom and tailoring the tech to make your […]

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A poster for National Simultaneous Storytime. It features an illustration of a pink sloth wearing a yellow running outfit. It reads: National Simultaneous Storytime. The Speedy Sloth by Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie. 24 May 2023.

National Simultaneous Storytime activity ideas for your school

National Simultaneous Storytime 2023 is coming up this May. Here’s all you need to know about the day, including activity ideas to help your school and community get involved.  What […]

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Christmas Activities with the ActivPanel

From being focused on crafting the perfect Christmas list, to counting down the days until the holiday break, when Christmas time comes around it can be challenging for students to […]

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Exploring Different Models for a Flipped Learning Classroom

The increasingly popular flipped learning model has been the focal point of this mini-series, and as all good things come in threes, this final instalment will explore different methods of […]

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Young female student studying on a computer in a classroom.

Eight learning strategies that will set your students up for success

It’s no secret that, to be successful in education, students need to have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. But many teachers want to do more for their students […]

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A smiling woman attends a conference

Best resources for teachers’ professional development

Are you looking for teacher development resources to help you with your professional development? Whether you’re looking for new ideas to keep your teaching fresh or want to learn more […]

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Close up of parents sitting on the floor in the living room playing with wooden building blocks with their daughter

What is constructivism, and how can you apply it in your teaching?

As a teacher, you’re likely always on the lookout for new learning theories and teaching methods to apply in your classroom. If that’s the case, then you might be interested […]

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A young girl sitting at a desk and a piece of paper. She’s holding a pen and looking happy.

What is agentic learning and why should you be encouraging it?

“Agentic”, meaning “having agency”, refers to having the power to act. In the context of the classroom, agentic learning is a type of learning that encourages active engagement in the […]

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An Illustration representing concept mapping. It shows an outline of a person’s head with many different thoughts coming out of it.

How to use concept mapping in the classroom

Concept mapping is an easy-to-implement and effective teaching strategy that can help students better comprehend and understand course content. Rather than simply memorising facts, concept mapping enables students to build […]

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A smartphone with an AR-generated virtual city skyline protruding from its screen

10 Reasons to Use Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented reality is one of the most exciting educational technologies to reach our classrooms. As educators look for different ways to connect with and engage students, more and more are […]

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Two students draw on a digital presentation displayed on an interactive display

How to incorporate game-based learning into your presentations

One of the most challenging aspects of presenting to students is capturing and holding their attention. Amidst all the distractions in the classroom, it can be difficult for students to […]

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A boy and girl use a laptop and smartphone to do their homework

6 QR code activities for the classroom

You’ve likely seen and used many QR codes in the last year. Traditionally a popular marketing and advertising tool, the technology has become ubiquitous in Australia for its role in […]

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A teacher oversees four school students as they work on interactive displays

Top 5 reasons to use technology in your lesson

If you’re an educator who grew up with chalkboards, exercise books and H2 pencils, you may have some misgivings about implementing technology into the classroom. After all, you’re probably very […]

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12 great digital brain breaks to help your class focus

It’s no secret that kids struggle to maintain focus and concentration in the classroom. The repercussions of this can be felt by teachers instantly – not to mention the long-lasting […]

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The SAMR model explained with examples

Technology has the power to transform student learning, but with so much new technology available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to evaluate. And with EdTech evolving rapidly across all education sectors […]

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teacher engaging with student

5 ways to gamify your classroom and keep students motivated

Gamification is all about introducing elements of game design to non-game scenarios, such as the classroom. Applying the principles of game design within a classroom setting is nothing new; after […]

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Unlocking digital potential with the elements of pedagogy

Teachers in Australia have access to more classroom technologies than ever before, and as a result, it is increasingly important that schools can make the most of their existing edtech […]

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What does AV / IT convergence mean for your school?

Many modern classroom solutions, such as interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) like Promethean’s ActivPanel, come with key considerations on both AV (audio-visual) and (IT information technology) fronts. AV and IT […]

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Classroom differentiation

Why schools need a ‘digital-first’ strategy

With many Australian students learning in the classroom again after a temporary shift to distance learning, schools are now faced with the ongoing challenge of safeguarding wellbeing and ensuring education […]

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Enhancing operations for IT Managers with the ActivPanel

Over the last few months, teachers and students have relied on technology more than ever before. As lesson delivery transformed overnight, IT managers had to work at speed to implement […]

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Adopting a Blended Learning Approach with Promethean

The agility of the education profession has really come to the fore in recent months, with schools efficiently mobilising distance learning strategies, then equally quickly returning to the classroom. While […]

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Designing rounded classrooms

Classroom design hasn’t changed for 200 years, with the teacher at the front and students facing forward. The classroom environment can transform the way students listen, learn and contribute, therefore […]

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Engineering and innovation with the ActivPanel

Located in Adelaide, Australia, Trinity College is committed to developing positivity and confidence in students from pre-school through to age 18. Made up of five schools, Trinity College prides itself […]

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Making the most of teacher time with ActivPanel

Making the most of teacher time with ActivPanel Rockhampton, Australia, is home to The Hall State School – where there are around 325 students from preparatory level up to Year […]

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