Let’s do something brilliant: It’s time to let the passion out

Let's do something brilliant

Published: October 26th, 2021

Companies rebrand for all sorts of reasons. They want a new look, they’re exploring new markets, or they need to reposition for a changing landscape. For Promethean, it’s all of the above and more. But while our rebrand had many objectives, the process had a single guiding principle: It’s time to let the passion out.

Talk to a group of Promethean employees, and it doesn’t take long to figure out that these people are passionate about what they do. They understand that the panels and software and accessories they design, make, and market are going to be used for one of the highest purposes of all: Education.

Talk to a group of Promethean partners, and the passion is just as powerful. These companies have chosen to sell Promethean products because they believe in them with all their heart. They feel confident that their customers will be delighted with their edtech solution, and they know that their partners at Promethean—from the sales reps to the education consultants to the support team—have their back no matter what.

But the most fervent passion comes from Promethean’s customers—the superintendents, head teachers, principals, IT administrators and teachers who depend on our technology to teach, engage and inspire their students every day. Talk to them, and you’ll hear things like “Promethean has transformed the way I teach” and “I can’t imagine a world without my ActivPanel.”

So passion is what guided the rebranding process, but the question remains: Did we succeed in our effort to infuse all that passion into our new brand?

We think we did.

It started with the flame. Our new logo—a bright red curl of fire—calls to mind the passion that drives our business and excites our customers. It’s the source of light and energy that fuels everything we do and helps ignite the brilliance in everyone.

Let’s do something brilliant. These aren’t just words for us. We truly believe that everyone, everywhere, is capable of brilliance. They simply need the right space, conditions, and tools to let their brilliance shine through.

Promethean’s purpose and passion have been with us since we began almost 25 years ago. Today, we’ve ignited a flame to help guide us as we continue to pursue our bold and noble mission: To transform the way the world learns and collaborates.