The State of Technology

A survey of nearly 1,000 American teachers and administrators explores the role technology currently plays in today’s K-12 schools and how edtech solutions impact learning and engagement in the classroom and beyond.

Promethean’s new 2019 U.S. State of Technology report provides a comprehensive view of current classroom technologies, adoption, usage, and the trends that may shape the education industry over the next five years.

Use of Edtech

67% believe the top usage of technology is to boost student engagement

Barriers to Success

46% believe the workload in their school is unmanageable

Future of Edtech

53% believe that virtual learning environments will see the biggest growth in the next five years

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No Doubt About IT

Teachers and administrators both understand the key role technology plays in classroom learning. Slightly more than 80 percent of respondents agree technology accelerates learning, while 72 percent agree utilizing technology in the classroom is a great way to keep students engaged.

Edtech: Vision vs Reality

Despite edtech’s role in the classroom, a majority of respondents say that their ultimate objective and priority is focused on student achievement and results. That said, competing priorities along with legacy infrastructure and organizational inertia continue to be barriers to the optimization of edtech in the classroom.

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What educators are saying

“A big benefit for edtech is to continue to be modifiable for each student. It’s very difficult to have a class of 20–25 students and do individualized teaching as a human, but with the support of tech, we are able to reach, teach, and challenge students in ways we never thought possible.”

District Administrator

“There are a lot of expectations from districts in terms of technology integration but not the financial or infrastructure support to effectively integrate technology in meaningful ways.”

IT Administrator

“It is clear technology is the future for education. It is unclear what schools/districts will do to get there. What else can be done to help teachers who are given technology but not the immediate training needed to use it effectively and to its fullest potential.”

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Less Money, More Problems

Over two-thirds of surveyed administrators felt budgetary restrictions will have the largest impact on their students’ education this year.

Secret to Success

Wondering if your edtech is doing its job? Take a note from surveyed administrators, who reported how they evaluate their classroom technology’s success.

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