Master (the) Class this Fall

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Master (the) Class this Fall

Back to school will look a little different this year. So, what do teachers need to be thinking about to transition from mobile learning to in-class sessions? In this series, we will explore the state of education, as well as tips and tricks from educators and IT leaders across the country on how to maximize technology in the classroom and get students back to their love of learning this fall.

Classroom Comeback

What does the “new normal” mean for education? Promethean’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Halliwell, and Chief Marketing Officer, Cheryl Miller, discuss how educators and students are tackling mobile learning and how we can all prepare to eventually get back to the classroom.

Cheryl Miller and Steve Halliwell, Promethean

Secret to (Teaching) Success

It’s clear that teachers are ready to take on education technology, but do they have the resources they need to be successful? Get the latest on how to create a supportive teaching environment that allows you to effectively leverage technology to engage students.

Suzy Dover, Instructional Technology Coach at Stone Academy of Communication Arts

Kate Mazzota, Promethean

Student Tech Squad to the Rescue!

The saying, not all heroes wear capes, is true for the National School District Student Tech Squad. Join us to learn how they started a new initiative to help support their teachers with technology.

Wendy O’Connor, Director of Literacies, Educational Technology and Innovation, and Nathan Bland, Resource Teacher at National School District 

Julie Porter, Promethean

Reading, Writing, and Robots?

According to a 2019 study, robotics and coding are going to see significant growth and use in the next five years. How are you leveraging in-class technology to promote STEAM skills? See how educators can drive STEM/STEAM initiatives effectively by using the right solutions.

Amy Winstead, Innovation and Digital Learning Specialist at Charleston Country School District

Matt Barfield, Promethean