Sarasota County Schools: ClassFlow encourages classroom discussions

students using a Promethean ActivPanel

Published: August 3rd, 2020

Many of the interactive whiteboard projectors within Sarasota County Schools were at the end of their life, and the district decided it was time to replace their old projectors with classroom technology that also included training from Promethean’s Professional Development team. As part of the new classroom technology integration, Cynthia Denton, a 4th-grade math and science teacher at Tatus Ridge Elementary School, participated in in-person and virtual professional development training on ClassFlow, Promethean’s cloud-based lesson creation and delivery software.

“I knew how ClassFlow worked, but I didn’t know where to start,” shared Denton. “Our Education Consultant showed me how to get started, and that’s when I started to use it more effectively.”

During math lessons, Denton sends out the question of the day using ClassFlow cards. When students submit their answers, Denton displays students’ answers on the Promethean board and answers become the focal point of the discussion. A student can explain how they solved the question when it’s displayed on the board, and the other students can say that they either agree or disagree on ClassFlow. Denton finds that this type of interactivity both engages students and helps students learn from their peers.

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