What’s next: The future of education

What's Next in Education

Published: August 4th, 2021

An Essential Guide for Innovating in the Classroom

Expedited by the pandemic, the next era of education has arrived. The future of education will be defined by flexible, personalized, student-centered learning, innovative education technologies, and a collective mission to address student inequities.

Promethean’s guide, What’s Next: The Future of Education, provides forward-thinking resources and information the education community needs to navigate the tools and trends of tomorrow.

Download the Guide to explore these topics:

Back to School: Addressing Inequities
Establishing equity in schools will be a top priority for educators in the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Explore key areas of focus and actionable tips for a more equitable classroom, plus equity-focused professional development opportunities to ensure that every student receives the support they need.

The Next Chapter of Personalized Learning
The future of education is personal. From data-driven differentiation to flexible classrooms, discover the personalized learning trends you need to know now.

Approaches to Gamification in Education
Level up learning with new applications of gamification in the classroom. Unlock six effective ways to gamify your classroom and learn how gamified learning can advance student success.

The Rise of MLearning: Approaches and Strategies
What role should mobile devices play in the classroom? Mobile learning, or mLearning, continues to gain traction, presenting new opportunities for innovative instruction. Discover new ways to integrate mLearning with mobile-driven strategies for immersive and flipped learning.

How to Build Classroom Culture Across Modalities
Create a positive and supportive learning environment for all students, no matter where they’re learning from. Get started with Promehean’s Classroom Culture Self-Evaluation to identify areas of opportunity and explore teacher-tested tips for fostering classroom culture for remote and in-person students alike.

Anatomy of a Flipped Learning Video
As education becomes increasingly personalized and asynchronous, the flipped learning model continues to gain momentum. Teacher-created educational videos are an essential resource in the flipped classroom. The “What’s Next” guide breaks down the key components of a successful flipped learning video, with the tips you need to make yours as effective as possible.

The Future of Classroom Design
The physical classroom can have a big impact on students’ academic success: 94% of teachers report that physical learning environments affect learning. Gain insight into the future of classroom design from fully-flexible layouts to game-changing EdTech and more.

Plus, set yourself up for success in the upcoming school year with Promethean’s Future-Ready Back to School Checklist.

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As learning landscapes shift, educators are presented with new opportunities to reimagine education for the better. Supported by innovative technologies, highly personalized, student-centered approaches are poised to disrupt traditional modes of education and empower learners to succeed on their own terms.

In this next chapter, equitable access to technology and resources will be essential. By ensuring that all schools have the tools they need to advance innovation, we can take meaningful strides towards a future in which every student is afforded the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

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