Student Response Devices

Promethean’s suite of student response systems help educators ensure that each student’s voice is heard, mind is engaged and needs are met.


ActivExpression is an intuitive student response system designed to promote full-class participation and engagement throughout lessons while facilitating ongoing, real-time feedback on student progress.

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Wide range of response types

Full sentences, numbers, symbols, equations, fractions, true/false, Likert scales and more.

Self-paced capabilities

Assign questions of varying difficulty and enable students to respond at their own pace.

Intuitive interface

Designed with a simple, easy-to-use navigation and backlit screen.


ActiVote makes instant assessment of comprehension and increasing student engagement easy with its simple six button, A-to-F interface.

Key Features At A Glance Get More Product Information

SImple, easy-to-use interface

ActiVote incorporates a simple interface with six-button, A-to-F voting capability.

Hand-friendly & durable

Classroom-tough, child-friendly and non-slip surface designed to fit easily in the hands of students.

Wire-free technology

Integrates seamlessly with all interactive displays, such as ActivPanel, without requiring cables.