ClassFlow is free, collaborative learning software for the modern classroom that simplifies the way teachers discover, create, and deliver interactive learning -- and makes it easier than ever to share classroom content with parents.


ClassFlow motivates students via engagement and collaboration and enriches the learning experience by streaming content across classroom devices, anytime, anywhere.

Create or Find
Create or Find Create interactive multimedia lessons, assessments, and activities or search in the thousands of teaching resources available on the MarketPlace.
Assess & Reward
Assess & Reward Assess student comprehension in the moment of learning and reward outstanding student behavior with badges.
Collaborate Enable the flow of dynamic content across a variety of devices including tablets, laptops, computers, classroom displays, and more.
Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom
Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom Send assignments and messages to students and communicate with parents using the ClassFlow Moments app.

Technical Overview


For more information on ClassFlow and to see how it works in the modern-day classroom, please visit the ClassFlow website.

Preview the ClassFlow Moments app on the App Store and Google Play Store