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Promethean Interactive Displays for Student Engagement

Promethean leverages firsthand educator experience to develop tools that help spark ideas in students and drive breakthroughs in the classroom. The dynamic combination of hardware, software, and expert professional development results in an innovative EdTech solution that encourages learning and increases engagement​.

Modernize Your Classroom

Foster student collaboration and participation with bi-directional screen control. Promethean’s Screen Share app provides the ability to interact with shared screens directly from the ActivPanel. Students can see shared screens on their devices in real-time.

Deliver Engaging
Learning Experiences

Increase engagement with annotation tools that seamlessly interact with existing content. The ActivPanel provides a simple user interface that places most of the commonly used tools right at the educator’s fingertips and within a natural line of sight.

Reimagine Education

With Promethean’s Cloud Connect, you can access and save content with familiar cloud storage solutions (such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive) directly from the ActivPanel. With Promethean ActivPanel in the classroom, your IT team can remotely manage the technology efficiently, while improving security and ensuring a frictionless user experience.

Why Promethean for Higher Ed?
ActivPanel is responsive and agile, giving educators and students alike an opportunity to perform and not be hindered by unfamiliar tech. Improved technology in the classroom increases productivity for educators, facilitates student engagement, and enables student-centered learning.

ActivPanel is Energy Star® certified for efficient energy usage. Learn more about how Promethean is committed to continual environmental improvement and social responsibility.

Customer Story: Northern Illinois University

Promethean ActivPanel offers three-dimensional learning for in-person Mechanical Engineering students and enables instructors to apply the same technology to their remote classes.

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Customer Story: Boston Architectural College

Pushing the envelope in education technology is critical to the BAC’s mission of providing excellence in design education, emerging from practice and accessible to diverse communities.

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Customer Story: UC Berkeley

Professors make freshmen chemistry classes collaborative, creating an engaging and interactive space for both teachers and students.

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Innovation Trusted by Administrators, IT Directors, and Technology Specialists

ActivPanel comes in three display sizes to fit classrooms, lecture halls, offices, and student centers.

ActivPanel is optimized for Windows® 10 and compatible with MacOS®, Linux®, and Chrome OSTM.

Maximize the applications you already use and access built-in tools and apps, such as Whiteboard, Annotate, Screen Recorder, Screen Share, and Microsoft Office.

Use ports, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth® to connect any device. Plus, ActivPanel Titanium includes 4K clarity for easy viewing.

ActivPanel is automatically ready when you are: the proximity sensor saves instructors time and conserves energy by automatically warming up or powering down the machine.

Leverage the speed, security, and reliability of the Android 8 operating system, with easy access to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

How We Stack Up

Model Comparison

ActivPanel Nickel

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ActivPanel Titanium

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Display Available Sizes 65” 4K, 75” 4K, 86” 4K 70”4K, 75” 4K, 86”4K
Interactivity Unified Menu Experience
Vellum™ Writing Technology
Simultaneous Touch Points 15 20
Pen and Touch Differentiation
Simultaneous Pen, Touch, & Erase
Palm Detection (Event) Reject Erase or Reject
Multi-Window Support
Computing Operating System Android 8 Android 8
RAM / Storage 2 GB / 16GB 4GB / 64GB
Promethean Chromebox Optional Optional
Windows Module: OPS-M Optional Optional
ActivConnect: OPS-G Optional Optional
Panel Software Management Promethean Panel Management Promethean Panel Management
Remote Over-the-Air Updates
Cloud Storage Access Google Drive / OneDrive Google Drive / OneDrive
Connectivity LAN 10/100 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
Mirroring / Screen Sharing
Usability Ergonomic Angled Center Console
Easy Access Front Ports
Front Facing Speakers 2 x 15 W

Bass Enhanced

70″ 4K: 2 x15 Watts

75″ 4K: 2 x15 Watts

86″ 4K: 2 x 20 Watts

Proximity Sensors
Classroom Essential Apps (Whiteboard, Annotate, Spinner, Timer)
Promethean Lesson Delivery Software Included Included

*Wi-Fi module included in the U.S. region.

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