Classroom of engaged students using the Promethean ActivPanel with Merlyn.

Symphony Classroom
with Merlyn

Merlyn digital assistant for teachers with its accompanying remote.

Merlyn: The digital assistant
designed for teachers

Now teachers can access advanced AI technology to make everyday tasks easier. With the Symphony Classroom solution, powered by the digital assistant Merlyn, teachers are able to control their devices, browsers, and apps using voice commands or a remote.

Teaching untethered

Symphony Classroom with Merlyn, created by the innovators at Merlyn Mind, allows teachers to move around the classroom freely, so they can interact with students, increase class participation, and create more dynamic and engaging lessons.

Optimize the edtech tools you already use

Symphony Classroom works with Promethean’s ActivPanel, so you can extend the power of the technology in your classroom. It’s simple to set up and easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most—your students.

Symphony Classroom suite including the Merlyn digital assistant with remote, laptop and Promethean ActivPanel.

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