Earlier this year, educators across New Zealand had the chance to share their thoughts and opinions on how edtech is really being used in the country’s first ever State of Technology in Education survey. As part of a global initiative from Promethean mapping out the successes, challenges and opportunities presented by edtech, the State of Technology in Education Report equips the sector with relevant insights that will help to guide the development and usage of education technology to better support schools and teachers.

The role of technology in education has come to the fore in recent months, with edtech solutions becoming central to lesson delivery during the temporary shift to remote learning. Now, more than ever, it is vital that we understand how technology is really being used in the classroom and the challenges that teachers are facing – while taking the time to celebrate the successes of education technology.

We knew that the only way to paint an accurate picture of the edtech landscape would be to ask educators for their experiences. Now, we’re ready to share our findings with you.

New Zealand’s first State of Technology in Education Report has revealed some key trends within the education sector, and lays the foundations for monitoring those trends over the coming years.

Here are a few of the highlights:

● Over 95 percent of respondents believe that technology is a necessary part of everyday life, and this should be reflected during lessons.

● 90 percent of Senior Management Team members suggested that budget is at least a consideration when it comes to devising school strategy.

● Just 8 percent of teachers reported that they receive full training and support for edtech.

We hope that everybody, from school leaders to classroom teachers, will find these insights both interesting and beneficial, and use them to strive towards improvements for teachers and learners alike.

Download the report today, and be sure to share your feedback on what you found most interesting!