Building digital skills from a young age using ActivPanel

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Northcote Baptist Community Preschool (NBCP) is dedicated to nurturing and inspiring learners from a young age, and preparing them for primary education. NBCP is dedicated to instilling Christian character and values such as collaboration, excellence and diversity into its young pupils.

Elizabeth Lupton, the Lead Teacher at NBCP, talked about how parents helped clue them in to Promethean technology: “We had heard about Promethean
through parents who had been to a school where they had ActivPanels. Because they knew that we were looking at digital technologies, they helped put Promethean onto our radar.”

Elizabeth, alongside the teaching team at NBCP, wanted a device which would bring clarity to teaching at the preschool and provide a more engaging platform to share feedback whether it be from the teacher or from one child to another.

A digital curriculum powered by ActivPanel

Elizabeth and her fellow teachers decided to approach the ActivPanel with the mantra that it was for creating, not consuming.

“We have really got into the rhythm of using it more frequently,” Elizabeth explained, “We have been doing a lot of artwork. We have started using an app where we can screenshot pictures then put them up next to one another, allowing the children to critique and compare their artwork. It’s an amazing thing for 3 and 4 year olds to be engaged with.”

With children and teachers alike building digital skills and working more collaboratively than ever, the ActivPanel has enriched the teaching and learning experience at Northcote Baptist Community Preschool. The school has crafted a digital curriculum focused around the ActivPanel which supports its values and delivers a high quality, nurturing environment for all.

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