What makes a winning story?

The Promethean Classroom Stories competition encourages schools across the US to share their most inspiring stories. Give us a glimpse into what makes your classroom or school special. Tell us about a breakthrough or achievement, a spark of creativity or a technical innovation, and how it made an impact. How will your story inspire others? Here are tips to make your video stand out.

Tip #1 – Outline how best to tell the story – in three minutes or less!

Tip #2 – Let students be stars in the show

Tip #3 – Give a brief description of the situation and context of the story, being sure to describe innovative approaches, educational ideas, or methods and the show the passion that you have for education

Tip #4 – Explain the tasks you, your students, or school had to complete, highlighting any opportunities, challenges, or constraints

Tip #5 – Describe the specific actions taken to complete the tasks, seize the opportunity, or address the challenges

Tip #6 – Describe the resulting positive breakthroughs or impact upon students, the school, and/or the community

Tip #7: Record your video in any of the following formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and make sure the file size is no larger than 150 MB

Ready to share your story? Upload your video here.

For questions or support, email us at: classroomstories-US@prometheanworld.comWe can’t wait to hear your story!