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Leverage this historic opportunity to take advantage of funding through CARES / ESSER I, CRRSAA / ESSER II, and ARP ESSER.

Optimize your school’s learning environment with technology that addresses learning loss and facilitates educational interactions between students and their instructors.

The funding allocated to the U.S. Education Stabilization Fund by the CARES, CRRSA, and ARP Acts is available to help schools progress through the challenges posed by the pandemic, address potential learning loss among their students, and add critical technology to their classrooms.

Follow the steps below to empower your teachers and your students.

Learn about available federal funding

The process of applying for federal funding varies by state. Contact financial experts in your state, district, or school to get the process going. Review the Promethean Guide to Emergency Relief Funding for Schools for more information.

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The ActivPanel Elements Series is one of the most powerful tools a teacher can have to engage students, address learning loss, and promote learning in any educational environment, whether it’s in-person, remote, or hybrid.

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When it’s time to purchase EdTech for your school, we’ll connect you with a Promethean partner in your area to help finalize your choices and ensure you get everything you need to implement a solution that fits your school’s needs.

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Be inspired by schools that are using Promethean technology in their classrooms

“One of the things that we find important as part of the educational revolution that we’re putting together is that we must continue to expose our students to various types of technologies, while also experimenting and finding out what truly works in the classroom.”

Junior Bernadin, Dean of students and Director of Technology

Ron Clark Academy

“We’ve had to overly rely on technology to deliver on education in the pandemic environment. Now we have a proof point that we can completely virtualize the system—deliver education in ways that we could have never imagined.”

Dr. Rosanna Mucetti, Superintendent

Napa Valley Unified School District

“It was a mindset shift of ‘this isn’t just your laptop being shown on a screen.’ The panel can do virtually everything you need it to do.”

Josh Walters, 1:1 Manager

East Noble School Corporation

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