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The rapid spread of Coronavirus around the world is causing challenges for many, and the education sector is no different. Educators must come together with distance learning to minimize the impact on students’ learning across the country. Promethean has long supported mobile and virtual learning (also known as distance learning), and today we’re providing additional tools to help teachers teach and students learn from anywhere, at any time.

Mobile & Distance Learning with Promethean

Mobile & distance learning has been an important part of everyday learning, and it builds important life skills, including responsibility, time management, problem-solving, and critical/creative thinking. With mobile, virtual, or distance learning, teachers can utilize Promethean’s lesson delivery software to prepare lessons for their students and place them in a virtual location where students can easily access them from home.

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Promethean’s award-winning suite of lesson delivery software drives student engagement and brings lessons to life in both classroom and mobile environments. We have created a course to provide you tool tips and best practices to help you connect and engage with your students through a mobile learning environment.

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Promethean has prepared a series of webinars and additional resources for expanding mobile & distance learning opportunities and communicating to students about the Coronavirus.

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Promethean’s Commitment Remains

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Activinspire on the Promethean ActivPanel


Known and loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons. Teachers can use ActivInspire’s screen recorder tool to record lessons they’ve created and students can access these recordings via any cloud environment.

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ClassFlow Teaching Software


Promethean’s cloud-based lesson planning and delivery software, ClassFlow, is free to any teacher and an ideal platform for mobile & distance learning. Because everything is stored in the cloud, teachers and students can use any device to access their lessons and assignments in ClassFlow.


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Learn Promethean offers a wide range of free online training courses with interactive content. Teachers can advance their product understanding and continue their professional development journey by becoming a Promethean Certified Teacher.

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