The digital assistant
designed for the classroom 

Hey Merlyn,
what do
you do?

Merlyn is an amazing AI assistant that helps teachers remotely access everyday apps and devices. 

By simply saying, “Hey Merlyn,” you can teach untethered from anywhere in the classroom.

Merlyn is simple to set up and easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most: your students. Plus, with Merlyn and a Promethean ActivPanel display, you can increase your classroom productivity even further and support innovative teaching and learning. 

Hey Merlyn,

how do you enhance
how I teach?

Let Merlyn pull up the projects, quizzes, videos, or resources you need so you can move freely around the classroom. Merlyn helps you:

  • Interact with students
  • Increase class participation
  • Create more dynamic and engaging lessons

All thanks to your new high-tech teaching sidekick

Hey Merlyn, let's connect

See how you can extend the power of the ActivPanel with Merlyn.

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