Promethean workplace solutions:
ActivPanel 9 Pro and APLX

For the new way we work

It’s time to give your people the tools they need to succeed in this new world of work—tools to connect and collaborate, engage and enlighten.

Promethean is the tech you need.

Why do I need interactive displays?

Which interactive display should I choose?

Go with a proven leader in the field of interactive technology, trusted by customers more than 120 countries worldwide.

What’s so special about ActivPanel 9 Pro?

Exceptional touch experience with Vellum™ technology

One-touch access to the web and the cloud

High-caliber audio and brilliant visuals

An industry-leading five-year warranty

Bonded glass for optimal viewing and brightness

But what about the tech we already use?

ActivPanel 9 Pro works with all the platforms, hardware, software, and apps you count on.

Is everything I need included in the box?

Yes! Every ActivPanel 9 Pro comes with all the peripherals you need.

“Promethean just basically blew everybody else out of the water. We’re in the service industry, so service means a lot to us. We were taken care of from the start. We had people wanting to come in and share, and they’ve given us a lot of support and a lot of help throughout it all. It was just really over the top.”

 Edward Becker, Senior Consultant, NCR Corporation

Simplicity. Flexibility. Value

Have you heard about the ActivPanel LX: A flexible solution that fits any budget

The ActivPanel LX is a reliable, high-quality interactive display that offers superior value, ease of use, flexibility, and versatility for the evolving workplace environment. Available in three sizes (65”, 75”, 86”), the ActivPanel LX offers a crystal clear 4K display, LCD bonded glass that provides an excellent writing and viewing experience, advanced touch technology, and dual front-facing speakers.

 Beautifully simple, and so easy to use

Because the ActivPanel LX works with the hardware, software, and apps you currently use, there’s no learning curve. That means your employees can start creating, collaborating, and communicating right away. Deliver peace-of-mind for IT administrators with ActivPanel LX. Enrollment, panel management, and security are designed to integrate with your existing network and enterprise solutions.

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Find out how our award-winning interactive displays can transform the way your employees work and collaborate.

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